NFL Rumors: Tom Brady's Dad Just Hinted That His Son Could Finish His Career On A Different Team

Tom Brady still has a few good years left in the NFL. Whether those years are spent in New England now appears to be uncertain.

This week, the future Hall of Fame quarterback's father, Tom Brady Sr., hinted that his son could leave the Patriots before the end of his career, adding to the growing speculation that Brady may be in his last season with the team. As the elder Brady said in an interview with the Boston Herald, his son might be open to finishing his career with a new team if the Patriots are ready to move on.

"If Bill [Belichick] says he doesn't want Tommy, and Tommy wants to play, well, Joe Montana went to Kansas City … just because Bill decides he wants to move on, that won't dictate Tommy's future," Brady Sr. said. "I'm sure there are a few other teams in the league that would want him."

Brady Sr. added that it would be up to Belichick whether his son finishes his career in New England, noting that he expects to have some kind of decision by the end of the year. There has already been plenty of speculation about that timeframe, with ESPN's Adam Schefter noting that there are growing signs that Brady is preparing his exit from New England after the season is up. Schefter noted that the quarterback had his contract set to void after the season ends, and both he and his longtime personal trainer have put their homes in the area up for sale.

There have not been any signs that Belichick or the Patriots are ready to move on from Brady, and in fact, the thin depth behind the longtime New England signal-caller appears to point toward no succession plan. But Brady himself has been noncommittal about his future with the Patriots. As Pro Football Talk noted back in October, he would not say with certainty that he would stay beyond 2019.
"For me, it's been good because I am just taking it day-by-day and I am enjoying what I have. I don't know what the future holds and the great part is for me, football at this point is all borrowed time."
While a 42-year-old quarterback normally would not attract significant interest in the free-agent market, Brady has been a historic anomaly. He is still among the better quarterbacks in the league -- even at an age that few signal-callers in NFL history have reached -- and likely has some strong years left. As The Inquisitr recently noted, Brady's trainer has dropped hints that the quarterback may be able to play until he's 47.