Family Thinks They Were The Victim Of A Robbery, Turns Out It Was Just Their Dog Making A Mess

A family in Warrington, England, came home to a ransacked house, instantly believing they had been the victim of a robbery, only to learn that their dog, a Cocker Spaniel named Dory, was responsible for the mess, reports The Daily Mail.

The family in question is composed of Dylan Raynor, his mother Sharon, and her partner Nick. All three of them were out shopping while Dory created a ruckus on par with a burglary at home.

Dory is only 1-year-old and apparently doesn't like being left home alone. The Daily Mail reports that the pup pulled out the contents of the trash cans, opened the cupboards, and left debris strewn across the kitchen.

The family's first reaction was to call the police because they thought someone had invaded their home. However, upon closer inspection, they began to notice bite marks in several of the items on the floor.

Photos in the article show that Dory did indeed wreak havoc in the house. Dog treats, cooking pans, cardboard, cookies, toys, and more litter the tiled floor. Not only did the pet manage to pull out those smaller items, but somehow, she also tugged an entire iron out of a cupboard.

The dog even got into some of the cleaning supplies. Luckily, it didn't appear Dory had eaten any of the chemicals. The puppy was only left to its own devices for about two hours, but that was more than enough time for her to try eating "several sheets of pasta" and even a "supply of icing sugar."

Photo of a King Charles Spaniel puppy
Pexels | Steshka Willems

"She attends doggy-day school and used to attend puppy training classes," Raynor was quoted as saying. "However, all of these accolades do not reflect her mischievous behaviour. She's like the Houdini of the doggy world."

He also claims that his mother was genuinely shocked by Dory's behavior.

"My mother was in disbelief as was her partner, and eventually we all laughed and realised if Dory had hands and fingers, we'd all be dead."
Raynor revealed that this is fairly typical behavior for the puppy. In the past, she's done everything from drinking out of the bathwater to tugging laundry out of the clothing hampers, he said. However, the Raynors are hopeful that her mischevious behavior will wane a little bit as the dog gets older and doesn't get excited so easily.

Many fellow dog owners in the comments wondered if Dory had received enough exercise and stimulation before the Raynors left her alone.