Bella Thorne Auditions For ‘Instagram Model’ In Multiple Bikinis In Hilarious TikTok

Bella Thorne attends the PornHub Awards.
Phillip Faraone / Getty Images

Bella Thorne took to TikTok to pretend to audition for the part of an “Instagram model” in a super funny, satirical video, one of a series of clips she shared on the site.

In the first clip, Bella, dressed in a long-sleeved red T-shirt, held a script in her hand, and looked at the camera.

“Hi, my name is Bella Thorne, and I’m auditioning for Instagram model,” she said matter-of-factly.

In the second clip, Bella wore a rust-colored bikini top with multiple necklaces. Her auburn hair was long and down, with her now-trademark green hue nowhere to be seen. She drank from a container of water and looked at the camera flirtatiously.

For the third video, she changed into a neon orange bikini, this time lying in front of a bed and waving a giant American flag. She looked at the camera while doing so, with a huge grin on her face.

In the fourth video, Bella once again stared at the camera in the same highlighter-hued bathing suit, this time painting an artsy sketch of a hot air balloon. As the camera panned in on her face, she tossed her head back as her hair cascaded down her shoulders.

In the fifth clip, Bella posed in the same orange pink bikini with a red feather boa and matching sneakers. She was raking a lawn covered with leaves. Again, she stared at the camera for approval.

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The sixth clip showed Bella walking down a wintry street after she had raked the leaves, still rocking her tiny bikini despite the cold weather. She also put on the same red boa/scarf and knee-high black boots for the occasion. This time, she pulled a wagon of flowers behind her.

In the seventh and final video, Bella is shown on a bed — still in the same bikini — with a sleep mask covering her eyes. The mask read, appropriately, “Do Not Disturb.” In the laugh-out-loud clip, viewers watched Bella, despite not being able to see anything, key-smashing her keyboard in an attempt to write something.

As previously shared on The Inquisitr, Bella frequently posts bikini shots on social media, usually extremely seductive in nature — like this one in a thong bikini, or one where many people thought she was actually naked.

One thing’s for sure: Bella keeps racking up the followers and views. On TikTok, many loved her video. It has close to 90,000 likes at the time of this writing, and she has more than 764,000 followers on the app. She currently has 22 million followers on Instagram.