‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Peter’s Plans Hit A Snag, But Franco’s Future Remains Uncertain

Wes Ramsey portrays Peter August on 'General Hospital'
Craig Sjodin / ABC

Franco Baldwin’s future is quite uncertain at the moment and General Hospital spoilers hint that the coming week may bring unexpected complications for him. As Friday’s episode came to a close, “Drew Cain” was at GH and waiting for Dr. Andre Maddox so they could attempt the procedure to restore Franco’s memories. However, Peter August is determined to prevent that from happening.

As viewers saw, Peter made a phone call to an accomplice and made it clear that he wants to prevent Franco and Andre from moving forward with the procedure. Peter noted that if that means Andre and/or Franco is eliminated, that’s okay with him.

Anna noticed Peter looking stressed and walked up behind him right as his phone call finished. Luckily for Peter, she didn’t hear enough to realize what he was ordering via the phone call. General Hospital spoilers suggest that she might become somewhat suspicious in the week ahead.

According to SheKnows Soaps, Anna will soon be feeling unsettled. This could be from a number of things, as she does have a lot on her plate with Hayden leaving town, Robert giving her grief, and Finn getting up to speed on parenting Violet. However, it does seem quite likely that Anna will pick up on Peter’s sketchy behavior and wonder what’s going on.

General Hospital spoilers indicate that Elizabeth will be trying to show gratitude during Monday’s show. This may come in a conversation with “Drew” as he waits to do the procedure, but it could also involve someone else.

During Tuesday’s show, Liz will ask questions and somehow Laura will sabotage Peter. At this point, Andre’s name doesn’t pop up in any of the subsequent General Hospital spoilers, so it’s unclear whether he manages to make it to GH as planned.

The show airing on Thursday, December 19 will have Franco coping with a devastation of some nature. Unfortunately, additional details aren’t yet available about that. Does the procedure happen, but fail to restore Franco’s memories? Does Peter’s plan to intercept Andre succeed?

It’s also possible that Franco will have his memory restored, but it will be somewhat incomplete. He would almost certainly face some confusion and uncertainty trying to put his life back together again after all that has happened in recent weeks. That would likely frustrate him and give Liz and Franco yet another challenging obstacle to navigate.

Fans have a hunch that the “real” Franco will be returning soon, but General Hospital spoilers suggest that it won’t necessarily be a smooth process. Additional teasers about where this storyline heads next should emerge soon and viewers are anxious to learn more.