Joe Biden Says United States ‘Likely To Inherit A Recession’ From Donald Trump

Democratic presidential candidate, former vice President Joe Biden speaks to the audience during a town hall on November 21, 2019 in Greenwood, South Carolina.
Sean Rayford / Getty Images

During an interview with CNBC‘s John Harwood, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden suggested that Americans might be plagued by a recession inherited from the presidency of Donald Trump.

Biden made the comment when Harwood pressed him on whether or not he would support the balanced budget amendment he voted for in 1995.

“No, because we’re in a different place now. I hope it’s not true, but we’re likely to inherit a recession, at least a significant economic slowdown. That doesn’t make sense.”

When the former vice president was asked if his vote was a mistake, Biden said it wasn’t, pointing to the time period during which the vote was cast.

“Everything’s context. One of the reasons I like giving an interview with you is you know the context. I’m not being a wise guy. 1995 was a very different place than we find ourselves today,” he said.

Biden also claimed that Trump has failed to grow the economy and suggested that spending must pave the way for economic growth in order to offset the investment.

“Otherwise, you end up in a situation where you have to make terrible, terrible choices,” Biden said.

The 77-year-old politician also expressed his belief that Trump is diminishing the worldwide standing of the United States.

“…he doesn’t seem to have any sense of who we are. He’s ripping the soul out of this country.”

Per Global News, Biden’s campaign recently seized on a video showing Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau gossiping with other world leaders about Trump during a NATO reception Tuesday. The footage was spliced with a September 2018 speech Trump gave to the United Nations General Assembly in New York — for which the president was laughed at — to suggest that the real estate mogul is viewed as a joke by the rest of the world.

Biden has remained the frontrunner in the Democratic primary since his entry into the race. As The Inquisitr reported, Biden has fared well against Donald Trump in polls, defeating him for the 33rd time in a head-to-head matchup as of earlier this month. The Survey USA poll in question put Biden 13 points ahead of Trump and also revealed that the president is at risk of losing white voter support if Biden is the Democratic option.

Per Vox, Trump’s 2016 victory — which occurred despite him losing the popular vote — hinged on the white vote. Trump reportedly won 58 percent of white voters as compared with the 37 percent his foe, Hillary Clinton, earned during the election.