Sadiq Khan Says Donald Trump Only Cares About ‘White America’

Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, answers questions from the audience during the State of London Debate on June 27, 2019 in London, England.
Chris J. Ratcliffe / Getty Images

Sadiq Khan, who has served as the mayor of London since 2016, recently attacked Donald Trump during a CNN appearance. During the interview, which came after the NATO summit in London, Khan suggested that Trump only cares about white people, Breitbart reports.

“The concern we have is when President Trump talks about America First — does he really mean White America First? That’s a big concern for many of us,” Khan said.

According to Khan, Trump has revealed his alleged preference for the interests of white Americans on “many, many occasions.”

“When you see… the President of the USA calling people rapists because they happen to be Mexican, having a travel ban against people of my faith, that leads to huge concerns across the world,” he claimed.

Khan also criticized Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who said at the NATO summit that the United States is an “invaluable ally” — something Khan took issue with given his thoughts on Trump’s NATO leadership.

“It’s the very opposite of what NATO is all about. It’s the very opposite of what the EU is all about,” Khan said, claiming that the U.S. president’s approach is not aligned with the “multilateralism” the two countries have traditionally led.

Per CNN, Khan believes that politicians like Johnson and Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage are emulating Trump’s language and emboldened by his controversial approach. According to Khan, the approach used by such leaders are drawing people with fringe views that used to reside in the periphery into the mainstream.

It’s not the first time Khan has attacked Trump for his alleged affinity for white people. In an August op-ed for The Guardian, Khan called the real estate mogul the “global poster-boy for white nationalism,” claiming that Trump is driving the “extremist far-right movements” and “political parties” that are allegedly rising around the world.

In June, Khan accused Trump of using racism, xenophobia, and “otherness” for political gain and said that the U.K. shouldn’t give the controversial president a state visit. In response, Trump called Khan a “stone-cold loser,” blasted his job performance as mayor, and suggested that Khan hasn’t been effective in dealing with the terrorism in London, which has reportedly experienced a sharp increase during Khan’s time as mayor.

Khan also took issue with Trump when the businessman — before his time as U.S. president — brought up the idea of banning Muslims from entering the country. The 49-year-old politician, who is Muslim, accused Trump of being ignorant of religion.