Jenna Jameson Confesses Weight Gain, Embracing ‘My Best Carby Life’ As She Showcases Current Curves

Jenna Jameson does a book signing for 'Sugar' at Barnes & Noble
Valerie Macon / Getty Images

Jenna Jameson is getting honest about her weight loss and health journey in her latest Instagram post. She has been an advocate for a keto lifestyle for the past couple of years, but she shares that she is at something of a crossroads and is undecided about what path she will follow heading forward.

On Thursday evening, Jenna shared a photo and detailed caption on her Instagram page. The photo showed the 45-year-old wearing just an oversized sweatshirt as she partially sat on a barstool. Her toes were pointed as one leg stretched down to the floor and the other leg was bent and resting on the arm of her couch.

Jenna held one hand up to her face as the other rested lightly on the seat of the barstool between her separated legs. She gazed intently toward the camera while rocking the color pink color in her long, blond hair. A couple of her tattoos are visible and her legs looked long and lean as she posed in this particular position.

This was not the most revealing photograph Jenna has shared in recent months, but it definitely still gave a sultry vibe. Jenna looked confident and bold, but her caption may not fully represent how she was feeling while posing for the snap.

In her caption, Jenna explained that she recently stopped following her strict keto eating style. She noted that she quickly gained back 20 pounds and she was undecided regarding how she will work to lose that weight again going forward.

As People detailed, Jenna threw herself into the keto lifestyle in March 2018 in an effort to lose weight and get healthier. She had gained and held onto quite a bit of weight after giving birth to her daughter, Batel, but in the months since going keto, she lost about 80 pounds.

Now, Jenna says she isn’t sure if she’ll try to go back “full force” to keto, or if she will start counting calories, or try something else. Despite having gained weight back in comparison to her lowest weight-loss updates of past months, her fans still think she looks fabulous.

“You look amazing. Why worry about the number? You’re beautiful. You’re an amazing Mom. An incredible wife. Smart business woman. You’ve got it all and it’s wonderful,” praised one of Jenna’s followers.

“Jenna it doesn’t even show. You are smokin hot look at those legs!!!” detailed another fan.

Jenna’s Instagram followers have loved her informational and motivational posts, and they clearly loveed her honesty in her newest update as well. The consensus was that people think she looks fantastic even with an additional 20 pounds on her frame and everybody will be anxious to hear more as she navigates her health journey moving forward.