Fans Flip Out Over Nude Harry Styles In NSFW ‘Fine Line’ Video Promo

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Fans are flipping out over Harry Styles‘ latest YouTube video upload, where he is seen unboxing the vinyl pressing for his new album “Fine Line,” featuring a nearly nude NSFW photo of the former One Direction star.

The singer and actor shared the video, which shows Styles’ tattooed hands and nails painted with smiley faces as he proudly displayed the album’s artwork.

In the silent video, the brightly colored album is laying on a black background, and the singer is carefully displaying the interior of the record, which gives fans the chance to see the vinyl on the left and half of the NSFW photo on the right.

As the video continues, Styles pulls out what appears to be a poster, places it above the album and closes it. He then takes out the liner notes and replaces them within the cover.

The singer then opens up the poster to unveil the full NSFW shot, the image depicting a nearly nude Styles, left arm stretched out as his right-hand covers his crotch. As the photo turns, his feet appear to be laying in what appears to be a pink object.

The reverse of the photo shows a shirtless Styles wearing a fedora, pink pants and suspenders, looking both seductively and playfully into the camera.

Fans were not okay with this surprise reveal from the former boy bander, who once innocently asked his teenage listeners if they wanted to stay “Up All Night” with him in the 2011 song of the same name.

His followers made many different observations regarding the shocking photo in the Comments section of the YouTube video.

“Can we take a moment to talk about how dramatically he slid his hands in the beginning?” asked one follower of the superstar singer’s motions in the video.

A second fan remarked, “His hands are literally ten times more beautiful than my whole being.”

“I can imagine Harry being all giggly and nervous and excited to do this and he probably made a lot of jokes and stuff but he cut off the sound,” said a third fan of the 37-second video.

The former teen heartthrob dropped the first single from the album titled “Lights Up” in October of this year.

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LIGHTS UP. Out now.

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E! News reported that the singer released a three-minute trailer for his single “Adore You” on December 2. The full video, where Styles is depicted as an outcast in a dark and moody world, clocks in at 7 minutes and 44 seconds and was released today.

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“Adore You” follows the debut of Harry’s second single from the album, “Watermelon Sugar,” which he debuted when he hosted and performed on Saturday Night Live during the show’s November 16 episode. In a promotional shoot for the sketch comedy series, he playfully posed in a ballerina tutu.

“Fine Line” is Harry’s sophomore solo release.