Kylie Rae Harris Was Drunk And Speeding When She Crashed, Tragically Killing Herself And Teen Maria Elena Cruz

Alcohol was 'something [Kylie] struggled with on-and-off over the years,' said Harris's mother Betsy Cowan.

Kylie Rae Harris report on death

Alcohol was 'something [Kylie] struggled with on-and-off over the years,' said Harris's mother Betsy Cowan.

A New Mexico police investigation has confirmed that singer Kylie Rae Harris was driving drunk and speeding when she crashed her car in New Mexico, killing herself and Maria Elena Cruz instantly, reports People Magazine.

On September 4, Harris was going south on State Road 522 near Taos. The 30-year-old was driving a black Chevrolet Equinox when she smashed into a Chevrolet Avalanche in front of her. On impact, Harris’s car spun into the northbound lane, and she crashed head-on into a white 2008 Jeep, which 16-year-old Cruz was driving.

Both Harris and Cruz were killed instantly upon the impact of the crash and sadly pronounced dead at the scene. Sheriff Hogrefe gave a statement to Taos News just after the collision happened, saying Miss Cruz was an “innocent victim” of a “senseless crash.”

Harris’s mother Betsy Cowan spoke out about her daughter just days after the collision, explaining that Harris had a difficult relationship with alcohol. Per a separate People report, she said it was “something [Kylie] struggled with on-and-off over the years,” but didn’t want to go into any more detail “out of respect to both families.”

Cowan also pointed out that a number of things may have triggered her daughter to crash.

“If you’ve ever had to take defensive driving, they say sleep deprivation, emotions and alcohol are the top three contributors to most wrecks.”

“And so any one of those things could have done it … She had driven 11 or 12 hours that day, and I’m sure that she was exhausted and she was emotionally exhausted. And I think we all know that what that does to you,” Cowan explained.

Whatever led her daughter to crash, Cowan said the results are the same to her.

As reports confirming what happened in the crash come out, fans are sharing their sorrow about the incident.

Harris’s final few hours are actually documented on her social media, as she tweeted and shared Instagram stories of her drive across New Mexico, where she was heading to perform at the Big Barn Dance Music Festival. It was heartbreaking as Harris shared what she was feeling as she drove on.

“I’m just remembering my place in the backseat as a little kid when my dad was making these treks here. It was the f*ck best, and I started getting really sad,” she said after being on the road for about 12 hours.

Friends, family and loved ones gathered to say goodbye to Harris a week after the collision. Her 6-year-old daughter Corbie sang one of Harris’s songs, “Twenty Years From Now,” alongside Bonnie Bishop, at the celebration of life service. The performance was especially moving given the song is about Harris’s hope that she’ll watch Corbie grow up. Cowan explained that Harris loved her young daughter deeply and more than anything in the world, and she hopes her message in the song will continue to live on for Corbie.