Chrissy Teigen Shares Adorable New Photos Of Her Kids In Glamorous Faux Fur Outfits

Madison Lennon

Chrissy Teigen posted two new photos of her children on Instagram on Thursday night. Son Miles and daughter Luna are shown wearing glamorous outfits made almost entirely out of faux fur.

The first photo of the pair is of a tousle-haired Miles standing in the model's living room, looking a little stupefied. He's seen wearing a large shaggy fur shawl draped around his body. Given its size and Chrissy's notable sense of humor, it might just be a blanket. Despite the fur looking decidedly real, with its luxurious russet coloring, Chrissy assured her fans that it is fake.

Several people jokingly stated that the photo of Miles looks like something straight out of Game of Thrones. It's hard to miss the similarities between him and Jon Snow, who often wore heavy fur coats on the series.

Chrissy's mother is also present. Viewers can spot her off to the side of the picture. Only her feet are visible, clad in some cozy-looking sandals.

"Those are my mom's feet. May she learn her lesson," wrote Chrissy in the comments section.

Many people find it incredibly cute and hilarious that Miles looks almost exactly like Chrissy's husband, John Legend. In contrast, their daughter, Luna, takes more after her mother.

Speaking of Luna, Chrissy couldn't share a photo of Miles rocking his fur coat without posting one of Luna looking decidedly more glam and austere in her pink fur coat and paisley dress. Luna is as photogenic as her model mother in the snapshot.

She's shown sitting in front of a glass fireplace with a serene expression on her face as she looks off into the distance. Her coat looks like it fits her much better than the one Miles is wearing. It pairs perfectly with the pink in her dress pattern.

"Oh my god, the cutest darling ever," said a second person.

"Look at ms. Luna striking a pose!" exclaimed a third user.

Chrissy has no problem sharing her kids with the world. Her social media feeds are full of both Luna and Miles. It helps that Chrissy's 26.8 million followers genuinely seem to enjoy seeing new photos of the children. She only posted the faux fur pictures on her Instagram about 30 minutes ago, but they already have more than 100,000 likes each.