Pauline Tantot Leans Over In A White Thong On Instagram

Pauline Tantot takes a selfie.
Pauline Tantot / Instagram

Pauline Tantot shared new thong photos on Instagram today. She wore nothing but the white bottoms as she posed next to a bathtub. She bent her knees slightly while leaning forward and extended her right arm in front of her, in a pose that left her bare booty on full display.

Pauline made sure to censor her chest with her left hand — keeping the image Instagram-appropriate — by making a fist and placing it in front of her breast. Her long brown hair was styled straight with a middle part and fell down her back. Her face was hard to see in the shot, but it appeared the model was looking down toward the tub, as if she were going to turn on the faucet.

The bathtub in front of her was white and filled several inches with light blue water. Beside the tub was a window, although the curtains were drawn. A couple of beauty products were placed on the ledge. Behind the model was a couple of towels that peeked through in the shot. The bathroom was dimly well-lit, which helped her skin glow. The model seemed to sport a fairly dark tan, even though it’s December.

A swipe to the right revealed a second photo in the set that showed the model standing up. She looked at the camera over her right shoulder and gave a moody look with her lips pursed. Pauline’s hair obscured most of the left side of her face. She placed her right hand on her upper thigh, while still censoring her breast with her left. The pose allowed her light pink manicure to shine and gave fans a glimpse of the many small tattoos on her hand.

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The new update seems to have been a hit with her fans, who left many compliments in the comments section.

“Make me wanna learn French,” joked a follower.

“Baby all I want for Christmas is youuuuuu @popstantot @santa,” wrote an admirer.

“The tone and color of that water is fantastic,” a third fan expressed.

“Oh my gosh u r stunning,” raved a fourth Instagram user.

The social media sensation previously showed off her derrière in another Instagram photo. Pauline was seen posing with her back to the camera as she leaned forward slightly against a low, black, wrought-iron fence. She wore a black thong bottom and bra underneath an open shirt with pink seams. That post also proved popular with her fans.