‘General Hospital’ Thursday Spoilers Tease That Chase Has Suspicions & Brad’s Facing Questions

Josh Swickard plays Harrison Chase on 'General Hospital'
Craig Sjodin / ABC

Viewers are quite anxious to see Thursday’s episode of General Hospital. Spoilers hint that the accident involving Brad and Lucas will have people digging, and there are a lot of questions that will be asked. Julian is panicked over having played such an integral role in causing the accident, and Lucas’ life hangs in the balance.

The sneak peek for the December 5 episode teases that Brad will face questions from Sonny, Carly, and others at General Hospital. Spoilers note that he will say that this is all his fault, and Sonny will ask him why he says that. Of course, Brad is not about to explain that this is his fault because he’s covered up that “Wiley” is really Michael’s son Jonah.

Brad will surely scramble here, perhaps telling Sonny and Carly that he feels responsible because of the arguments he and Lucas have been having. Brad does not know that Julian tampered with his car, but he certainly knows that Lucas was distracted because of what he blurted out about Wiley right before the crash.

According to SheKnows Soaps, Sonny will be acting sympathetic in some manner. This probably is connected to this conversation with Brad, as he has no real reason to suspect that Brad has done anything wrong. General Hospital spoilers tease that Carly will continue to be desperate to see her brother Lucas wake up, and it sounds as if Sonny will be doing his best to lend his support.

"You think someone could have done this on purpose?" #GH pic.twitter.com/WHC6ERX5KO

— General Hospital (@GeneralHospital) December 5, 2019

Thursday’s episode will also show Chase and Michael talking. Fans could sense that Chase felt something was off during his conversation with Julian after the accident. Chase doesn’t have all the puzzle pieces to fit together yet, but General Hospital spoilers suggest that he will be determined to do some additional digging.

As Chase seemingly fills Michael in on all that has happened, something about what Chase says will prompt a question from Michael. General Hospital spoilers note that Michael will ask if Chase thinks someone could have done this on purpose. The look on the detective’s face hints that he’ll probably tell Michael that he feels as if something is off-kilter with the situation.

Jordan quickly became suspicious to a degree about the accident as well. As viewers saw earlier this week, she found it odd that there were no skid marks signaling that Lucas had tried to brake before hitting Kendra’s vehicle.

Will all of this chaos eventually lead to Michael learning that Wiley is Jonah and both Julian and Brad facing consequences for all of this trouble and heartbreak?

General Hospital spoilers also indicate that Nina will visit Ava at Shadybrook and Jax will confront Nikolas over his antics. Martin seems to be sneaking into someplace, and Nelle is about to get a new roommate. The buzz is that the roommate will be Sam, and Nelle will soon learn of Brad and Lucas’ accident due to Sam’s connection to Lucas.

Willow will apparently tell Sasha the results of her pregnancy test, and General Hospital rumors suggest that she’ll reveal that she’s not pregnant. There will be a lot of action jam-packed into this December 5 show, and fans will not want to miss a minute of what’s ahead.