‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Matt Cohen’s Returning To The Set But Not Necessarily As Dr. Griffin Munro

Matt Cohen played Dr. Griffin Munro on 'General Hospital'
Craig Sjodin / ABC

Rumors have recently started swirling about the possibility that actor Matt Cohen might be ready to return to General Hospital as Dr. Griffin Munro. It looks as if fans may get some insight into whether or not this speculation is true this week, but it isn’t clear that there is all that much to these rumors.

Griffin was last seen in Port Charles last March. The priest-turned-neurosurgeon was struggling with his grief over Kiki Jerome’s death, and he decided that he needed to leave town to work on healing. The door was certainly left open for the actor, or a recast, to return. Could this be the right time for that to happen?

Fans are speculating that Griffin might be just the right person to help Lucas Jones after his car accident. As everybody saw during Wednesday’s show, Lucas is in a coma and sustained a serious head injury. He made it through surgery, and for now, he remains critical but stable.

Cohen chose to leave General Hospital earlier this year, and fans could not necessarily blame him. The actor had never been utilized all that well, and once Kiki was killed off, there didn’t seem to be much for him to do.

The actor has been busy with a handful of projects, and he recently joined Entertainment Tonight as a correspondent. This would seem to suggest that Cohen is plenty busy and not looking to return to daytime.

However, a teaser via the synopsis for the December 5 episode of Entertainment Tonight has raised some eyebrows. As Direct TV notes, the actor will be seen returning to the General Hospital set.

Why is Cohen returning to the GH set? Luckily, curious fans won’t have to wait too long to find out. Whatever this segment entails is slated to air Thursday, so it shouldn’t take long for context on this visit to emerge.

It seems fairly likely that Cohen is just returning to his old stomping grounds to help hype some holiday storylines or something of that nature. However, General Hospital fans seem excited by the possibility that Griffin’s ready to return to Port Charles and perhaps help Lucas recover.

Is the character of Griffin actually returning to Port Charles, with Cohen in the role? At this point, the actor hasn’t hinted about any such thing via his social media pages. However, that doesn’t stop General Hospital fans from speculating. One way or another, viewers should get a sense of whether or not this is happening in connection to the Lucas storyline very soon.