Lindsay Lohan Late For Court Appearance

After missing her flight last night, Lindsey Lohan was late to her court appearance this morning.

Lohan, who has had trouble showing up for court in the past, was scheduled to appear at the courthouse at 8:30 this morning. The actress, however, didn’t show up until after nine.

It’s not too surprising that Lohan was late for court. She reportedly missed her flight last night and had to hitch a ride on a private jet owned by Mr. Pink Energy Drink.

According to OMG, Lohan had several opportunities to make it to the trial on time but repeatedly delayed her flight.

She was scheduled to fly out on Saturday night but decided to go to a concert instead. She then booked a flight for Sunday night but failed to make that plane as well. Lohan finally hopped on a late night flight at about 9 pm on Sunday but before the plane took off she exited the plane because she feared something was wrong with the aircraft.

Finally, Lohan left on a private jet owned by Mr. Pink.

Lohan didn’t pay a dime for the private jet (which can cost about $50,000), but she did find the time to give Mr. Pink a shout out on Twitter.

TMZ has been giving live updates from the trial all morning. According to the gossip site, Lohan’s plane was diverted to LAX, which is closer to the airport, and that she showed up to the trial about 48 minutes late.

Lohan may be taking a lackadaisical approach to her legal problems, but the trial isn’t anything to laugh at. Lohan could be found guilty of violating her parole, lying to police officers, and obstructing the LAPD’s investigation into a car crash. Lohan could be facing up to eight months in jail.

Lohan — who has faced charges like theft, DUIs, and car crashes in the past — has been able to avoid jail time so far. But many people are speculating that the actress’ luck may have run out.

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Do you think Lindsey Lohan will go to jail?