Gigi Hadid Goes Braless In Chanel Fashion Show, Wears Pearl Necklaces Instead

Gigi Hadid just showed off her braless look by taking to Instagram. The supermodel sported a glittering tweed suit jacket and wore nothing beneath it, save layers of pearl necklaces and an attitude to boot.

The reality star let her fans know that the Chanel ensemble is one of her all-time favorites, and it's easy to see why she loves the outfit.

The 24-year-old recently strutted her stuff at Chanel's Metiers d'art 2019-2020 fashion show at Le Grand Palais in Paris. The star walked the runway in her provocative outfit as she wore a dazzling sequin tweed skirt suit with absolutely nothing underneath. Only Hadid could pull off this daring look, and all eyes were on her, according to E! News.

Gigi, who is one of Taylor Swift's friends, rocked her outfit with accessories including embellishments on her eyes. She adorned her peepers with diamante gems pasted on the inner corners, sleeked back her hair, and wore some natural-looking makeup. She let her jewelry steal the spotlight and wore loads of it on the runway.

In this particular image, Gigi's ample cleavage is on full display. She opted to show off the black jacket and knew that her bare skin would provide the perfect backdrop for the piece. She adorned her neck with stacks of pearl and other chunky necklaces to offset the severity of the garment, and it worked perfectly.

Bella Hadid's older sister also sported a multi-strand pearl belt with a center cross detail. The belt highlighted Gigi's tiny waist and toned stomach, and added some necessary drama to the ensemble.

Gigi has an astonishing following of over 50.9 million people on Instagram alone. It seems as soon as she posts anything, her horde of followers immediately reacts to her images. This particular snap was no exception, and in two hours, the photo already has close to 370,000 likes.

In addition, many of her fans also voiced their opinions on her outfit. While many posted heart and flame emoji, others were quite vocal in their praise.

"I love you and when I'm old my dream is to be a model like you," one person said. It appears as if Gigi has made quite an impression on the young girl.

Another follower became quite lyrical over Gigi's cleavage.

"I'm gonna die for that little sideboob."

Gigi is one of the most-followed fashion icons on the planet.

"You're so sweet and beautiful love you," another fan said.