Hannah Brown Stuns In A Wedding Dress On Instagram

Charley GallayGetty Images

Hannah Brown stunned in a white wedding dress on Instagram today. And considering fans may have been hoping to see her in the ensemble ever since her first appearance on The Bachelor, she clarified in the captions that the gown wasn’t for her special day. The blonde posed on a flight of elaborate wooden stairs, as she sat on the edge while leaning against the banister.

Because Hannah was seen sitting down, it was difficult to see all of the details of the outfit. However, it was possible to note that the piece appeared to be strapless, with a low cut that left her back bare. The skirt appeared voluminous with the fabric shining in the light. Also, a piece of sheer fabric flowed from the back of her dress.

The recent Dancing with the Stars winner held a light pink-and-white rose in her left hand. She appeared to be smelling it as she kept her eyes mostly closed for the photo. Hannah wore her hair down in a side part and parted her lips. She also wrapped her right hand in front of her chest, grabbing at the side of her top. It seems that the former Bachelorette wasn’t wearing any visible jewelry.

Fans shared their compliments in the comments section, with the dress’ designer, Heidi Elnora, posting a message.

“Amen to that my sweet friend. What a beautiful journey so far. Nothing but love and light for you always. Love you BIG!” she gushed.

“Any man would be lucky to marry u queen u deserve a good loyal husband,” wrote an admirer.

“Wowza…you were not meant to settle and although the stars may have aligned, stay single-you so it well,” encouraged a follower.

“Hope you meet your #lover one day but it’s so breathtaking to see you happy!!!!! I’d show @alanbersten the dress though #justsaying,” said a fourth Instagram user.

The comment about Alan Bersten comes as no surprise, with plenty of speculation and rumors happening all throughout the DWTS competition. Both have consistently denied rumors that they are a couple.

And speaking of Alan, it’s worth noting that he kept his Instagram followers entertained with a new update. He was seen literally “babying” the Mirrorball Trophy, as he sat it in a baby chair and pretended to feed it. The big win has apparently left him feeling on top of cloud nine. Many fans went along with the joke and commented on what a “good dad” Alan was being.