December 4, 2019
Emily Ratajkowski Seduces Her Fans In A Topless Photo Featuring An Abstract Earring

Emily Ratajkowski often models the clothing that is manufactured for her Inamorata Women clothing line. However, in her most recent Instagram update on the forward-thinking fashion line's feed, she appeared half-nude in a photograph taken that showed her in profile from the waist up.

As her fans already know, this kind of social media update is not unusual for EmRata, who has rarely been shy about showing her naked or semi-naked body. After all, for one of her biggest claims to fame in the early days of her diverse career, she showed up on Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines" video while rocking nothing but a G-string.

The trend continued when the frisky 28-year-old model appeared in the topless Instagram shot heralding upcoming news regarding Inamorata Women. The only thing Emily wore in the photo was a very long earring that took on a unique, irregular shape, and that dangled all the way down to the bottom of her neck, grazing the top of her shoulder. The piece of jewelry, which definitely took on the role of a conversation piece, looked like it could have been made out of a very big paper clip.

While posing for the picture, Emily wore her hair parted in the middle and brushed back from her forehead. Some of the straight brown strands fell down her back while another large portion fell to one side. She put one hand up to touch a few of her tresses while the other hand covered her breasts in the NSFW image she shared.

Her makeup was simple yet classy. She rocked semi-arched brows that had been color enhanced, a bit of pink-ish eye shadow, black mascara on the top and bottom lids, a bit of blush, contouring cover, and nude-colored lip gloss.

For her pose, Emily stared off to the side as she partially parted her lips to bear up lower teeth.

Many of Inamorata Women's followers took an interest in the December 4 update. After two hours of the post being shared, more than 10,000 people liked the new Instagram upload, while dozens of others commented on various aspects of the post.

A number of EmRata's fans talked about the earrings she was wearing in the most recent Instagram snap taken for her own personal brand of clothing.

"Is that the female form on your earring?" asked one of the model-turned-mogul's admirers, who added a red heart emoji to the question.

Others specifically talked about what to expect from Inamorata Women coming up, as well as what styles would be welcomed from Emily's label.

"How can you even top those killer catsuits and fabulous blazers/skirts?" asked another fan, who added a mind-blown emoji.

"Would love if you guys came out with a ribbed pant!!!" exclaimed another follower.

Meanwhile, others praised the image on which they offered their comments.

"Amazing shoot...please, more like this dear Emily...," stated one devoted fan.