Hannah Brown Heads Back To Los Angeles After ‘DWTS’ Win & Family Time In Alabama, Mirrorball Trophy In Tow

Charley GallayGetty Images for PUMA

Former The Bachelorette star Hannah Brown is on her way back to her new home in Los Angeles after a whirlwind couple of weeks with her Dancing with the Stars win. Hannah spent a few quiet days back home with her parents and brother in Alabama, and now she and her DWTS mirrorball trophy are returning to California.

On Wednesday, Hannah shared a few updates about her trip via her Instagram Stories. She noted that she was in the car with the backseat packed with items in a rather disorganized fashion when her mom drove her to the airport.

The Season 28 Dancing with the Stars winner joked about how she gets her dysfunction from her mom. Hannah also seemed a little flustered over the idea of needing to carry her mirrorball trophy through the airport.

Additional shots in her Instagram Stories noted that The Bachelorette star loved being at the family farm in the town of Mentone. While Hannah’s family is based in the Tuscaloosa area of Alabama, she explained to AL.com a while back that has clan also has a farmhouse in Mentone.

“We have a good amount of land there and to just be able to ride 4-wheelers, hang out, fish at the point, do things like that that I didn’t get to do in L.A. — have a bonfire, hang out with the people that love and know me, have been through it with me from start to finish. That’s what I’m looking forward to the most,” explained Hannah back in September as she described her love for visiting the area.

Hannah’s time at the family farm seems to have been just what she needed after many chaotic months of doing Dancing with the Stars after The Bachelorette.

She noted via additional Instagram Stories that she was a bit scattered making her way through the airport and to her seat on the plane. It turns out that the DWTS champion sat in the wrong seat twice. Luckily, the second passenger let her stay in his seat rather than ask her to move again. Hannah then got settled in with her pillow pet, journal, gummy worms, and mirrorball trophy to shift gears during her flight back to California.

What’s next for Hannah? She will be shaking things up during The Bachelor premiere for Peter Weber’s season in January, for starters. She’ll likely spend some time catching up with her DWTS partner Alan Bersten soon too, but apparently not in a romantic sense. Then, she will need to decide what comes next.

Life has certainly been a whirlwind for Hannah over the past year or so since first joining Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor. She ended her engagement to her beau from The Bachelorette, but she then walked away with the win on Dancing with the Stars. There is no doubt that her fans will be eager to see what she decides to tackle next as she moves forward with her new life in California.