Rachel Cook Flaunts Her Midriff In New Photos, Utilizes ‘Nasty Blue Sucker’ To Get Reflective About Life

Rachel Cook attends a swimwear collection event
Rochelle Brodin / Getty Images for L.A. Hearts/PacSun

Playboy model Rachel Cook shared a pair of sizzling-hot photos to her Instagram page on Wednesday and they have her fans buzzing. The 24-year-old bombshell teased her followers with a sultry look and an entertaining caption and people were quick to respond.

The new post showed Rachel outdoors, wearing a pink knit beanie cap over her recently shaved head. The model had a gold choker necklace on as well as some delicate earrings. She sported a very subdued, nearly fresh-faced, makeup look.

The model wore a pair of gray jeans, although only a hint of the waistband could be seen in the first of the two new photographs. Rachel finished the look with a white t-shirt that had “Colorado” written across the front. She had the shirt knotted slightly above her navel.

The styling of the t-shirt gave Rachel’s fans an enticing glimpse of her insane abs and a hint of the curves of her breasts. The Playboy model had her lips parted slightly and her blue eyes popped from what was otherwise a mostly muted scenario.

The second photo featured the same outfit and a similar facial expression. The gorgeous model held a scorpion sucker up close to her mouth as she gazed teasingly toward the camera. In that shot, fans could see that Rachel’s nail color seemed to match the blue-gray color of the wording on her shirt.

In her caption, Rachel drew attention to the scorpion sucker she was holding. She explained that she had grabbed it a while back while living in her van “Ed” with her boyfriend, Tyler.

The model admitted that the sucker made her a little homesick. She explained that this feeling was not connected to a specific place as much as seemingly for the experience she and Tyler had last summer of traveling all over the country and living in their van.

Rachel’s fans love seeing her insane figure in bikinis and other tight-fitting, revealing ensembles. However, they also love these simpler outfits where the model doesn’t necessarily show much skin but generates a sexy vibe all the same.

In a mere 30 minutes, about 16,000 of Rachel’s 2.6 million followers had already liked the post. In addition, 150 comments quickly popped up in the comments section. Fans had plenty to say.


“Her face is a work of art.. So pretty,” wrote one fan.

“Very beautiful!!! Having short hair really accentuates your facial features,” praised another follower.

“I’m all in on the shaved head, but [sic] the way. It looks hot as h*ll on you,” a third user detailed.

The buzz cut definitely shocked Rachel’s fans initially. While it was certainly a bold move for her to make, it looks like many of her followers have come to love it and find that it suits her personality quite well.