San Diego extends Head Coach’s contract

The timing of this announcement is very curious, but the San Diego Chargers have announced that Head Coach Norv Turner has received a three year contract extension. I say that it is a curios time for an announcement because the Charger just suffered another embarrassing loss in the playoffs. In fact it may be time for both Turner, and General Manager AJ Smith to admit to themselves that this is as far as they can take t his team, and it is time for the team to find a GM/head coach combination that can get this team over the hump to a Super Bowl Championship.

Turner is a pretty good coach; his record in the regular season is 32-16 while being the head man in San Diego. All three years his Chargers teams have won the AFC West. It is hard to argue against that record. However let us not forget that his predecessor, Marty Schottenheimer, was fired after going 14-2 and falling short in the playoffs.

In fact this team has one the AFC West in four of the last five seasons, and yet they have only made it to one AFC Championship game, and no Super Bowls. With that talent that is on this roster I don’t see how these results are good enough. As a Chargers fan, whose friends are die in the wool San Diego born Chargers fans, is doesn’t seem good enough. To our eye they are a poorer version of the Philadelphia Eagles who went to many a NFC Championship games (only winning one), who themselves are a poorer version of the Buffalo Bills who went to four straight Super Bowls failing to win all of them.

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