Jason Momoa Calls Out Chris Pratt For Using A Plastic Water Bottle And Gets An Amazing Response

Frazer HarrisonGetty Images

Aquaman star Jason Momoa has been on a crusade to protect the environment. Recently, when he spotted fellow actor Chris Pratt posing with a plastic water bottle, he couldn’t help but point out the not-so-green move to his followers on Instagram.

According to NBC News, Pratt posted an image of himself on his Instagram account showing him in a gym with a bottle of water in his hands. The picture was a promotion for Amazon to show followers how to gear up for their workouts.

“bro i love u but wtf on the water bottle. no single use plastic. come on,” Momoa commented on the post.

Pratt responded right away, apologizing for the move and acknowledging the need for reusable products.

“Aquaman! You’re completely right. D***it,” Pratt responded.

He went on to say that he usually carried around a gallon-sized reusable water bottle, but for this particular photo, things didn’t go as normal.

“If I remember correctly somebody threw that plastic bottle to me in the photo shoot cause I didn’t know what to do with my hands!” he wrote.

“My bad,” he concluded. “I don’t want your home of Atlantis covered in plastic. Hear that kids? Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.”

Shortly after the exchange, the Game of Thrones star posted an image of his two children and himself posing with Pratt, apologizing for the backlash that his comment caused and explaining that he felt very strongly about the cause.

Momoa has been a strong supporter of environmental causes and has fought to bring attention to the issue of climate change.

He recently appeared before the United Nations to talk about the impact that global warming is having on island nations.

“Island nations contribute the least to this disaster, but are made to suffer the weight of its consequences,” he said. “Our governments and corporate entities have known for decades that immediate change is needed. Yet change still has not come.”

Earlier this year, he shaved his famous beard to bring attention to the problem of bottled water and to promote switching to canned water, which he champions because aluminum can be infinitely recycled, unlike plastic, which can’t be repeatedly recycled.

In a promotional video for the campaign, Momoa wanders around a desert landscape before taking a razor to his face and chopping off his facial hair. He talks about how plastic is ruining planet Earth and encourages people to switch to canned water.