Plex Debuts Completely Free Movie & TV Streaming Service, But Unskippable Ads Are Here To Stay


Plex is joining the ranks of streaming services like Netflix and Hulu with its own service, reports The Verge. However, unlike the companies above, Plex’s service is entirely free and supported by ads. The downside is that users will be forced to contend with unskippable advertisements. If Plex were to create a way for users to skip commercials, it would likely no longer be free to use.

Those who already have media in a Plex server don’t need to worry, as that won’t be affected by advertisements. In the official blog post from the Plex website, they promised that all personal content will remain unaffected by changes made to the streaming service.

One of the main issues with the ad-supported aspect of the service is that viewers may be forced to sit through the same advertisements ad nauseam. As stated in the article from The Verge, because Plex’s streaming service is so new, there aren’t that many advertisers onboard just yet. That should change the longer the service is up and running, allowing for a wider variety of ads. For now, however, the non-skippable ads will most likely be repeated often.

Plex also stated on their blog that they will “deliver more content to more countries than any other free streaming service to date.”

The announcement wrapped up by assuring users that improvements and updates will be on the way soon.

“And rest assured, we’re working on improving this new source all the time. Some upgrades to keep an eye out for in the short term include improved subtitle support around the globe, additional discovery and browse features, and an enhanced watch list to keep track of everything you want to watch!”

For a brand new service, Plex already boasts an impressive array of films, documentaries, and television series. They have a broad selection of both old and new choices. At launch, the variety of films includes plenty of classics and award-winners like The Terminator, Apocalypse Now, Raging Bull, Teen Wolf, and more. The best part is, everything will be streamed in high-quality 1080p.

Plex will also consolidate critic scores from Rotten Tomatoes on each feature so viewers can easily check reviews before diving into something new.

Users should keep in mind that Plex’s catalog will likely change over time. Not everything available now will remain on the service forever. Additional films and content will be added over time. Every month all streaming services make changes to their catalogs as licensing agreements expire or renew, so it’s always better to watch something on a streaming service sooner rather than later.