‘The View’ Host Predicts Divorce For Kellyanne Conway & Husband George After Twitter War Of Words

The View airs monday through friday on ABC.
Heidi Gutman / ABC

A host on The View predicts divorce for counselor to the president Kellyanne Conway and her husband George after a Twitter war of words divided the couple. The View hosts did not believe it was acceptable for the married couple to clap back at one another on social media, and former federal prosecutor Sunny Hostin thinks the couple will eventually divorce.

The panel, which included Joy Behar, Meghan McCain, Sunny Hostin, Abby Huntsman, and guest-host Ronan Farrow, debated the topic. During the show, they discussed a tweet Kellyanne posted regarding presidential hopeful Joe Biden and her husband’s pushback on social media.

The original tweet published by Kellyanne asked her followers to watch a 2017 video clip of the former vice president speaking about how children would rub his leg hair when he was a lifeguard at a Delaware pool as a young man. He then explained how kids would jump on his lap and how he “loved kids jumping on my lap.”

This prompted Kellyanne to post a tweet calling presidential hopeful Joe Biden “creepy.”

“We need Ukraine’s help to defeat THIS guy?”

After which, her husband responded that her boss [President Donald Trump] “apparently thought so.”

Adding to the conversation was Meghan McCain, who has stated numerous times in the past that she has felt uncomfortable reading the personal barbs the couple has thrown at one another in the past on social media. She noted that tweets last forever and their four children will be reading these remarks one day.

Meghan also said she feels the couple has a “sick” relationship. In addition, she believes the idea of feuding with your spouse over your work is “gross” and didn’t understand why Twitter users had to be subjected to the couple’s marital problems.

Fox News reported that Ronan Farrow believes that the public fighting between the couple is “delightful.” He also said that he believes Kellyanne does not understand the “concept” of speaking off the record to reporters.

In a quick quip, Joy Behar remarked that all the fighting is a “turn on” for the married twosome.


“I think it gets them hot, I do.”

Fans of the show weighed in on the social media site regarding their own take on the couple’s social media feud.

One Twitter user said that they agree with Joy and that the couple just enjoys butting heads in public. Another fan remarked that they agreed with everyone’s differing views on the panel.