WWE Rumors: Vince McMahon Has 'Given Up' On This 'Raw' Superstar, Report Claims

Despite a stretch in the summer that saw him get lots of exposure on Monday Night Raw, a new report suggests that WWE chairman and owner Vince McMahon has lost interest in one of the red brand's up-and-coming stars, former Cruiserweight Champion Cedric Alexander.

In a report published on Tuesday, WrestlingNews.co wrote that it seems "clear" at the moment that McMahon has "given up" on Alexander, considering how he's seemingly dropped down to lower-card status over the last few months. Citing examples of why it believes the WWE boss is no longer high on the ex-205 Live standout, the publication wrote that he has largely been absent from Monday Night Raw and, during his few appearances, has lost to the likes of Buddy Murphy and Andrade.

In addition to the recent defeats against Murphy and Andrade, Alexander also failed to beat Mojo Rawley on this week's Main Event tapings. As Rawley has only made sporadic appearances on WWE television this year and not taken part in any relevant storylines either, WrestlingNews.co opined that this is a sign Alexander is now "on the low end of the totem [pole]."

"If you are a long-time WWE fan and can see the booking patterns then you will know that once McMahon loses confidence in someone and decides to bury them, it's very hard for that wrestler to come out of that," the publication added.

Regarding the reason why Alexander currently appears to be lost in the Monday Night Raw shuffle, WrestlingNews.co's Paul Davis noted that he's heard that the high-flying wrestler is "well-liked" among his colleagues and that he hasn't been informed of any incidents that might have offended anyone backstage. With that in mind, he speculated that the ongoing issue simply represents a case of McMahon losing interest in a once-promising prospect.

Rumors of McMahon not having any plans for Alexander aren't anything new, as reports in September alleged that the WWE owner instructed his creative team to "bury" the 30-year-old grappler and make him look weak in certain segments and angles. This came just two months after he had a high-profile alliance with Roman Reigns and around the same time as his feud with AJ Styles for the latter's United States Championship.

While things "turned south" toward the end of Alexander's rivalry with Styles, as noted by WrestlingNews.co, he does, at least, have one key person supporting him behind the scenes. Previous reports have suggested that Monday Night Raw executive director Paul Heyman is a fan of Alexander's work and was responsible for the decent push he got in the summer months.