Race Car Driver Kills Cousin In Petaluma Racetrack Tragedy

race car driver kills cousin

A young race car driver killed both his cousin and the owner of a race car in a Sunday accident, and authorities confirmed the two fatalities after the Petaluma racing tragedy.

Yesterday, The Inquisitr reported on the accident in which the young race car driver killed a cousin and the owner of a vehicle at the track. Today, the victims have been identified as 68-year-old race car owner Dale Wondergem Jr., and the 14-year-old cousin of the teenage driver, Marcus Johnson. Race car driver Chase Johnson, 17, was not injured in the deadly crash.

Reports from the deadly scene in Petuluma initially seemed to suggest some sort of mechanical malfunction could have led to the fatal accident, and Rob Johnson, father of Marcus, told press his son was in the pit assisting when “something strange happened and the steering wheel came off… this car flew probably 100 to 150 feet and hit him.”

Johnson said Marcus and Chase Johnson were “best friends,” and added tearfully:

“Everybody’s hurting. There’s nothing we can do. This is terrible… He had so much to look forward to.”

After the race car accident that killed a car owner and the race car driver’s cousin, father of the boy driving and uncle of the boy killed Don Johnson released a statement saying:

Don Johnson, who is the driver’s father and victim’s uncle, thanked the racing community for their thoughts and prayers.

“Our family has suffered an unspeakable tragedy with the passing of our precious Marcus Johnson and Dale Wondergem. There are no words to express our sorrow. Our family has been racing for four generations and loves the sport that has now brought us so much pain.”


Petaluma Speedyway track announcer Ron Lingron also commented, saying:

“They’re the first family of the Petaluma Speedway. There’s not a better kid you’re going to find in the racing community than Chase Johnson. To have something like this put around his neck is a tragedy.”

The cause of the accident is currently under investigation.