Gabby Epstein Poses In See-Through White Blouse While Sucking On A Grapefruit Rind

Jono SearleGetty Images

Blond beauty Gabby Epstein shared a new photo from Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia, on Tuesday evening. Gabby wore a strapless bra under a sheer white blouse that puts the majority of her torso on display in the Instagram update.

Gabby is not shy about showing off her physical beauty and goddess-like appearance. Her clothes in the three new snapshots are from the Australian fashion brand Showpo. Gabby offered her 2.3 million followers a discount code in her photo caption for the company too. The official Showpo Instagram reposted Gabby’s photos.

Aside from the see-through top, she is also wearing a pair of blindingly white short shorts. Her nude bra is visible under her shirt, along with some cleavage and her taut stomach.

It’s impossible not to notice the rich bronze color of her all-over tan — particularly on her thighs — even with a fabric cover-up. The ravishing model wore her blond hair in a long sleek ponytail in addition to a sultry face of make-up that includes a cat-eye liner, eyeshadow, blush, and a magenta lipstick that makes her lips look extra luscious. Gabby chose thick gold hoop earrings as her accessory.

Aside from her cute, beachy outfit, Gabby is striking a different pose in each image. The first photo shows the goddess-like model sucking from a grapefruit rind that was formerly part of her pink drink. She looks extra sexy as she poses at the camera with the fruit against her pursed lips.

The second photograph looks more innocent with the stunner smiling at the camera with her head tilted. The final image is both flirty and goofy, with Gabby curling her tongue at the camera. Gabby is photogenic enough to look gorgeous no matter what she’s doing in front of the lens.

Gabby’s many followers and admirers were very appreciative of the new pictures.

“I’m loving this look! Super cute!” complimented one of her many fans.

“In love with this blouse,” commented another user.

“Without doubt you must be one of the most beautiful women in the world x,” said a third admirer.

Even Olympic Bronze Medalist Monica Askamit stopped by to express how much she loved Gabby’s Showpo top, commenting, “I am IN LOVE with this top.”

Yesterday, The Inquisitr reported on Gabby’s previous Instagram post showing the model in a tiny bikini on the beach with a horse in Sydney. Her lunch photo from Tuesday is a little more modest than the revealing nature of her swimsuit picture from Monday.