Blond Bombshell Sara Underwood Flaunts Hourglass Physique And Shows Off Unusual Christmas ‘Tree’

Stephen ShugermanGetty Images

Former Playboy Playmate of the Year Sara Underwood recently treated her followers to a seasonal Instagram update that showcased her unusual Christmas “tree” — and her incredible body.

In the picture, Sara rocked a pair of plaid high-waisted pants that clung to her curves. Her body was turned away from the camera, so her booty was on display in the pose she was in. She paired the pants with a white cropped top that had long sleeves, a scalloped hem at the bottom, and a large cut-out on the back that exposed some skin. She finished off the look with a bright red knit hat which featured a huge pom-pom at the top. Sara’s blond locks were visible underneath the hat, and she had a huge smile on her face.

She glanced over her shoulder and reached one arm behind her to grasp her partner Jacob Witzling’s hand. Jacob’s entire body wasn’t visible in the shot, but his hand made it into the frame, as did a portion of his blue-and-black shirt. The duo was walking towards the cabin that they built in the woods, which they had decorated for the holiday season. As Sara explained to her eager followers in her caption, the space limitations of their tiny cabin made decorating challenging, so she opted to decorate the outside of the cabin instead of the inside.

The cabin was nestled in the forest, with a barely-perceptible trail leading up to the front door. The exterior walls were all covered in green moss, and paired with the triangular shape, the structure actually did resemble a Christmas tree once it was decorated.

Sara’s followers couldn’t get enough of the festive post, and it received over 62,500 likes within just seven hours. Many of her fans shared their thoughts on the seasonal shot in the comment section.

“Omg!! This is so dang cute!!!!!!” one follower commented, followed by a string of Christmas tree emoji.

“Wow! It looks absolutely like one and it’s so lit. Who’s idea is this, Sara?” another fan asked.

Another follower referenced Sara’s partner, and said, “I bet Jacob enjoyed going around and around with those lights. PS love the star on top.”

“You live in a Christmas tree!! How cool!!!” another fan added.

While she’s back in her idyllic slice of the Olympic National Forest in her most recent Instagram update, Sara switches up the background of her shots from time to time. Just yesterday, the blond bombshell posted an Instagram update in which she took pictures in the city of Portland, Oregon. Sara rocked a form-fitting animal-print dress for the occasion.