British Man’s Arm Will Become His Penis

Andrew Wardle gets a penis

A British man claims to have slept with over 100 women, but he has a slight problem. He was born without a penis. No big. Doctors will use tissue from his arm to craft him a penis for the first time.

Andrew Wardle is a big hit with the ladies. He’s charming, good-looking, and friendly, but a series of birth defects have left the 39-year-old with a lifetime of corrective surgeries. The latest will create a penis for Wardle from various tissues borrowed from one of his arms.

Among his abnormalities, including an ectopic bladder that formed on the outside of his body, Wardle was born without a penis. This defect has caused him no end of mental anguish and has even brought him to the brink of suicide. He is now among the first men in the world who will undergo a ground-breaking surgery to have an entirely new penis built for him.

Wardle told The Sun: “I never thought this day would come and I still can’t believe it is possible for me to actually have a fully functioning penis.”

“I’ve been told that after a year, and three operations, they will be able to build one that will work in the same way as any other man’s. If it’s a success, I can finally start living like a normal man. Things like having sex and starting a family, something which so many people take for granted, could actually become a possibility,” he said.

Wardle does have testicles but, alas, no penis. When he was born, his 17-year-old mother gave him up for adoption, and he was taken in by a loving Wales couple. Growing up, Wardle had kidney problems and infections and underwent 15 operations to build a tube from his bladder just so he could urinate properly. He was bullied at school for his deformations, but somehow managed to keep his lack of penis a secret for his entire life.

“I could use the tube to use urinals and I could play football and rugby and ride my family’s horses,” he said. “I got used to hiding it. Apart from the operations, I could live like a normal lad my age. It was when I got into my teens and started getting interested in girls that it became a problem.”

He met his first girlfriend at age 17 and eventually explained his situation to her. They dated for four years, and, despite his condition, he was able to make sure that she was satisfied sexually.

“I was really lucky. She was a lovely girl so my first sexual encounter was good. Eventually, though, we split up,” he recalled. “She wanted to experience things I was just unable to do.”

Wardle began using drugs like LSD and ecstasy to hide his condition, telling the 100 women he’d been with that he couldn’t sleep with them because of his using habit. “The fact I didn’t just want to get my leg over made me more attractive to women. I had charm and patter because it wasn’t all about sex.”

He said he has only told about 20 percent of the women he’s been with the absolute truth about his condition.

Andrew will undergo three operations to construct a penis out of his arm tissue, the first of which will take place this summer. The 12-hour procedure will take skin, muscle, and nerves from his arm to build his penis. The second two will connect everything inside his penis so that urination and ejaculation are possible.

Surgeons will use a flap of skin from his forearm, complete with blood vessels and nerves, and fold it into a tube “like a Swiss roll” and graft it to his pubic area. Once he has healed up, he’ll need a penis pump implant in order to make sex happen.

“I went home and saw a doctor who I’d seen when I had my operations growing up,” Wardle said. “She told me there had been advances in surgery that could help me and may be able to give me a fully functioning penis.”

Here’s how you get a penis from your arm:

phalloplasty diagram