Anna Katharina Thrills Instagram Followers With Hot Lingerie Photo And Hilarious Caption

David BeckerGetty Images

Anna Katharina showed off her bombshell body in the latest photo on her Instagram page, which was uploaded on Tuesday.

In the shared snapshot, the blond beauty is posing in white lingerie, which shows off her enviable toned midsection. The model is pictured in profile as she leans against a doorway. Both the bra and briefs are simple and sleek without any lace or other embellishments. However, the briefs she’s wearing are high-cut, exposing a large swath of her left hip. She is wearing her golden tresses down in loose curls around her shoulders, rocking soft and glamorous makeup as she stares at the camera.

Anna didn’t share the name of the brand that sells her undies in the caption. Instead, she made a hilarious correlation between cutting dessert out of her diet and intelligence. According to Anna, she hasn’t been able to come up with good captions since she decided to cut out desserts from her diet. So, by her logic, desserts mean intelligence, which means she deserves a trip to Krispy Kreme.

In the comments section, some of her fans posted laughing emoji and made jokes about the caption.

“Bring me back one? Haha,” a commenter wrote, a likely reference to the Krispy Kreme donuts she mentioned in her caption. “Always beautiful.”

Meanwhile, a lot of commenters focused on complimenting her beauty.

“You are beautiful and so sexy,” one Instagram user wrote, before adding a collection of red heart emoji.

“Your figure is a piece of art goddess @akatharinav,” another commenter added. “Wish you a marvelous evening xoxo.”

“Gorgeous woman,” a fourth person said. “Great body.”

This is hardly the first time that Anna has accompanied her seductive photos with hilarious captions that show off her personality. In a previous post, she tugged at the hem of her fitted gray t-shirt — a move that showed off her chiseled abs — and paired the gray top with a pair of extremely distressed blue jeans, which she quipped about in the caption.

“Can you imagine wearing these jeans to a family gathering?” she asked.

So far, the post has been liked by over 70,000 people and more than 750 people have commented on it. The caption led to a discussion in the comments section about how the jeans would be received at a holiday family event.

In another caption, she poked fun at herself for looking serious in the bikini photo she posted.

“For some reason I look angry to be in incredible 80-degree weather?” she wrote.