‘Castlevania: Lords of Shadow’ May Be Coming To Steam

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow on steam

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow might be coming to a PC near you in the very near future. The console reboot of the popular Castlevania series was released in 2010 and a listing on Steam seems to indicate that it will be coming to the Valve online service soon.

Konami’s 2010 release was found on the registry listing on Steam and while this doesn’t always mean that a title is coming it is usually a pretty good sign.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 has already been confirmed for PC later this year so moving the original title to Steam makes quite a bit of sense.

The caveat for this report is that Halo 3 was listed on Steam earlier this year and Microsoft has since made it clear that no Halo titles will be listed on Steam in anything close to the near future.

While this title has never been called a game that is going to redefine the genre, there has been plenty of support for the title. The game brought a series that hit its peak in the 1990’s into the 21st century.

When Steam does release earlier versions of a title just before the newest title is release there tends to be a deep discount or chance to get both titles as a package deal.

It would make sense for Steam to do this again with the Castlevania series. The console games will certainly be the focus for most gamers, but Steam has tapped a vigorous fanbase who prefer the graphics that are made available on a computer.

Whether or not these games will actually be on Valve’s online gaming service still hasn’t actually been confirmed, so any excitement being stirred up could be all for naught if the registry listing was done in error.

Are you a Castlevania: Lords of Shadow fan?