Fitness Model Ariana James Displays Toned Booty In Cheetah-Print Bathing Suit

Ariana JamesInstagram

Colombian beauty Ariana James took to Instagram on Tuesday to show off her sculpted rear end in a form-fitting one-piece bathing suit.

The fitness model posted a single photo of her facing away from the camera. The image features a clear shot of her plump, yet toned, behind in her cheetah-print swimsuit. Even the tattoo on her right cheek is visible due to the revealing nature of the thong bottom of her bathing suit.

The stunner wasn’t shy about flaunting the majority of her lower half, including her equally toned legs. Muscles from Ariana’s thighs and calves were bulging in equal measure.

Instead of wearing sandals to relax on the beach, Ariana instead chose to pair her skin-baring outfit with tennis shoes. She’s also wearing a black ball cap and a pair of sunglasses. She’s letting her long inky-black locks hang naturally. A light breeze picked up a few strands to toss them over her shoulder.

Physical fitness is of utmost importance to the model, and it looks like Ariana is on her way to a workout session. This picture may have even been taken mid-movement since it almost looks like Ariana is in the middle of striking a dance pose. Her photo caption reads, “Cuando el DJ pone la música,” which is a song by artist Darrell nominated for the Latin Grammy Awards.

Ariana also added a peach and dancing emoji, which makes perfect sense if she is indeed dancing to Darrell’s song with her peach-shaped behind on full display.

Palm trees appeared in the background of the snapshot, their bright green leaves popping against a vibrant blue sky.

Despite being a Columbian model, Ariana has fans from across the globe. The easiest way to understand her vast following is simply by peering in the comments section where fans leave messages in several different languages from multiple countries to admire the dark-haired model. Many of Ariana’s followers were overcome by her beauty and unable to form words. Instead, they showed their love through an outpouring of various heart emoji.

“SPECTACULAR!” exclaimed one admirer along with adding a peach emoji of their own and several flame emoji.

“Great calves,” complimented a second fan.

“Absolutely a very beautiful sight,” gushed a third person.

The Inquisitr previously reported on another Instagram update of Ariana in a bathing suit from November. In that picture, her bathing suit was an itty-bitty bikini that revealed more of her front side than her back.