Bill And Hillary Clinton Were Reportedly Regulars At Jeffrey Epstein's New Mexico Ranch

Tyler MacDonald

Brice Gordon, the long-standing estate manager of convicted sex offender and accused sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein, reportedly said that former U.S. President Bill Clinton and his wife, Hillary Clinton, were regulars at the disgraced financier's New Mexico ranch. According to the Daily Mail, the estate manager claimed that the pair visited the 10,000-acre property almost every year since they left the White House.

Gordon's alleged comments were revealed by security expert Jared Kellogg, who was hired by Gordon to work on the ranch -- a cowboy-themed village created by Epstein. According to Kellogg, the Clintons used one of two guest houses, which are located next to other traditional Wild West-style buildings, such as a saloon, an old school house, and barn houses.

"My contact was Brice, their main concern was that there was no video surveillance on the property at all. I thought this was a simple request, as they wanted surveillance to protect their investment. It's a huge site," Kellogg said.

According to the security expert, Brice bragged about how the Clinton family -- Bill, Hillary, and their child -- would stay on the ranch, which he compared to the television show Westworld.

Kellogg also claims that he was not allowed into certain areas of the estate. At one point, he says he was allowed into an underground portion of the main house, which the Daily Mail contrasted with the publication's earlier report that Epstein built a "secret basement 'strip club'."

"My access was very controlled. During the site walk, it was dictated where I could and couldn't go. There were certain facilities I wasn't allowed to go in, which was odd, as they were boarded up, and they looked like they could have big parties in them, but I didn't think much of it."