Adam Lanza Spent Years Planning Newtown Shooting

Adam Lanza spent years planning the Sandy Hook massacre, according to recently released evidence. Police officers reportedly found a 7-foot-long and 4-foot-wide spreadsheet filled with murder details from previous mass shootings.

One Connecticut law enforcement officer said Adam Lanza’s spreadsheet murder chart read like a doctoral thesis. The quality level of the research into shooting massacres reportedly shocked even veteran police officers.

Newtown shooting investigators feel Lanza chose Sandy Hook as the target because there would be little resistance at a school. The lack of a threat after entering the building filled with small children and teachers would allow the shooter to achieve a higher victim count, according to Adam Lanza’s extensive research. The higher the body count, the more notoriety he would achieve, the shooter supposedly thought.

The spreadsheet Adam Lanza reportedly used to research and chart the Newtown massacre required the use of a specialized printer. The extremely long and wide paper was filled with gruesome details from past mass shootings, all typed in a small nine-point font. Lanza’s spreadsheet also included expansive research about attempted murders.

Lanza’s Sandy Hook shooting plan was more than just research; it was also a score sheet. The Newtown massacre plan reportedly included the names of approximately 500 people. Adam Lanza’s murder chart includes victim names, make and model of weapons used, and the overall body count of particular crimes. Police officers estimate it would have taken years to compile such a massive and detailed spreadsheet.

Connecticut State Police Colonel Danny Stebbins spoke about the Newtown massacre during a New Orleans police officials meeting last week. Stebbins stated during the meeting than some first responders quit their jobs after the Sandy Hook shooting. The sight of dead children nestled inside the arms of their mortally wounded teachers was simply too much for some emergency responders.

The veteran Connecticut law enforcement officer did not refer to Adam Lanza by name; he did not want to foster the mass murderer’s fame. Lanza was referred to as a “Glory Killer” by some at the meeting. Lanza may have viewed the Newtown school shooting like one of his favorite video games, according to police investigators.

Lanza may have opted to kill himself so that he would not “lose points” to a police officer’s bullet. Pictures of Adam Lanza from several years ago reportedly show the Newtown shooter posing with a gun to his head and surrounded by various weapons.

How does Adam Lanza allegedly thinking a school is an easy target impact your view about armed teachers and security officers inside America’s schools?