July 6, 2018
Jakarta International School: Teachers, Staff At Posh Private School Allegedly Raped Children As Young As Five

For decades, wealthy expatriates in Indonesia have been sending their children to Jakarta International School, a tony prep school catering to English-speaking kids from preschool age through high school.

In March of this year, the parents of one of those kids made a shocking allegation. Their child had been having nightmares, according to The Independent, screaming "Please don't hurt me, please let me go!" while he slept. A medical examination revealed wounds on his stomach and anus. He finally admitted to his parents that the school's janitor had repeatedly raped him in the school's bathroom.

What happened next shocked the parents. School officials asked the parents to keep their allegations quiet and to not tell other parents or the police.

The young victim's parents did not keep quiet, however. Instead, they conferred with other parents, who eventually came forward with allegations that their children had been physically and sexually abused by school staff as well.

"They were anal rapes, plus physical abuse and hurting until he can't scream any more, then raping him."
Eventually, six Indonesian janitors would be arrested and charged with sexual abuse. One of the men died in prison, which authorities claimed was a suicide. Four of the men confessed, but later recanted their confessions, saying they were tortured into confessing.

But the allegations of sexual abuse at Jakarta International School did not stop with the cleaning crew. An investigation by The Independent revealed that teachers were in on the sexual abuse, as well, and the kindergarten principal allegedly videotaped some of the sexual assaults.

Caught up in the sexual assault allegations is Canadian teacher Neil Bantleman, who has been held without charges in an Indonesian jail since July 10, according to the Calgary Herald. Bantleman has vehemently denied the sexual assault allegations, and his brother, Guy Bantleman, has been trying to convince the Canadian government to intervene on Neil's behalf.

"By no means do I expect the Canadian government to interfere with the legal process of an independent country, but I would request the Canadian Government issue a statement simply stating that a Canadian citizen has been held for 100 days and the Canadian government urges Indonesian officials to produce the evidence that justifies his continued detention, or release him."
The Jakarta International School's current headmaster, Mr. Tim Carr, has repeatedly denied that the allegations of sexual assault at his school extend beyond the jailed cleaning staff.