Corinna Kopf Says She Got Banned From Twitch On Her Birthday For Wearing ‘Undergarments’

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Corinna Kopf is the latest Twitch streamer to get banned from the video game streaming platform. According to Sputnik, the 24-year-old Instagram model and YouTube star claimed that the ban was instituted on her birthday, which was December 1st. She initially thought that the top she wore for a birthday livestream was to blame for her ban. However, as reported by Dexerto, she later took to Twitter to reveal that she was kicked off of the website for wearing a lingerie top in a video that was over a year old.

In her initial tweet, which has since been deleted, Corinna revealed that she had been banned for violating Twitch’s strict policy against sexual content by wearing “undergarments” in her birthday livestream. However, she noted that the portion of her outfit that was visible in the livestream was a pink Chanel top, not a bra. She then proceeded to slam the gaming site for allowing other users to get away with flashing far more skin in their livestreams.

“I got banned tonight on twitch for wearing ‘undergarments’… i was wearing a chanel tank top. girls body paint on twitch and i get banned for that lmfao,” Corinna wrote.

The popular social media personality shared a snapshot of the top in question on Instagram. It was a structured blush crop-top with spaghetti straps, and it featured a large bow on the bust that almost completely covered up the entire front of the garment. The designer top had a low neckline, so Corinna was flashing quite a bit of cleavage.

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According to Corinna’s followup tweets, she later learned the real clothing culprit behind her ban was a lacy black bra that she had worn in an old livestream.

“I got banned on my birthday stream for this clip that was WELL OVER a year ago.. lmfao my twitter picture explains a lot i guess,” she tweeted.

Corinna’s tweet was accompanied by a screenshot of the gamer rocking the sheer lingerie top underneath a red and black flannel shirt, which she was pictured adjusting.

“If we’re banning people from year old clips then i’ll start making my list right now hahahahaha,” Corinna added.

She later deleted all of her tweets relating to her alleged Twitch ban. The bra top she was wearing in her old livestream screenshot appeared to be the same one she’s rocking in a photo she posted to Instagram.

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i left some room for you!! ????

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According to Kotaku, many female gamers have complained about Twitch’s sexual content policy, accusing the site of being inconsistent in its enforcement of the rules against wearing attire that is too revealing. However, some popular female Twitch users have found internet fame by posting revealing videos and photos on other platforms. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Amouranth is one example of a streamer who has gained a massive fan following on Instagram.