‘General Hospital’ Tuesday Spoilers: Curtis & Jordan’s First Anniversary Marred By New Tragedy

Donnell Turner and Briana Henry play Curtis and Jordan on 'General Hospital'
Craig Sjodin / ABC

General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday’s show indicate that there will be some happy moments mixed in with some heartbreak. Jordan and Curtis are ready to celebrate their first wedding anniversary. Unfortunately, teasers hint that they will probably soon get interrupted, much as they did on their wedding night.

The sneak peek for Tuesday’s show shared via Instagram shows Curtis and Jordan sharing some romantic moments while lounging in bed together. General Hospital spoilers reveal that he’ll wish her a happy anniversary as he leans over to kiss her, and the two may take some time to reminisce over the best parts of their wedding last year.

However, fans know that there was a doozy of a cliffhanger at the end of Monday’s episode. Given Jordan’s position with the PCPD, her presence will surely be needed at the accident scene soon. The previous weekly sneak peek that fans got revealed Jordan searching in a wooded area in the dark, which seems likely to be where Brad and Lucas crashed into Kendra as she was trying to run over Alexis.

As General Hospital fans remember, Curtis and Jordan faced a shocker on their wedding night on the Haunted Star last year. Just as he was carrying her through the door into their room, they discovered Kiki’s lifeless body. Unfortunately, it looks like there is a bit of a pattern when it comes to the duo and their anniversary.

General Hospital spoilers tease that Jordan and the PCPD will have their work cut out for them when they arrive at the scene of the accident. It sounds as if Julian may be the one who finds the wreck, and all signs point toward Lucas being seriously injured. Since Julian cut the brakes on the car, targeting Brad, he’ll surely be incredibly upset to see what has happened.

As Jordan and the PCPD try to pin down what happened on that dark road, General Hospital spoilers indicate that there will be tense moments elsewhere in Port Charles as well. Willow is worried that she is pregnant and Sasha will encourage her to take a pregnancy test.

Kristina will finally be popping up again, after not being seen on-screen for quite some time. She’ll be feeling anxious about Alexis’ whereabouts and Sonny will try to encourage her.


Today’s sneak peek also revealed that Jax and Sonny will have a potentially heated conversation. General Hospital spoilers note that Sonny will tell Jax that he doesn’t have to pretend, detailing that he already “knows” and that Carly told him the whole story.

This snippet makes it sound as if Sonny knows about Nikolas, as Carly does know about that. She agreed to keep it a secret, and it seems likely she has so far. Will Jax blurt out something revealing, thinking that Sonny is talking about Nik when he’s really referencing something else?

Fans will surely be most anxious to see what comes next with Brad and Lucas, given the accident and Brad’s truthful admission about Jonah just before the crash. However, General Hospital spoilers indicate there’s a lot more coming during the Wednesday show and viewers won’t want to miss any of the upcoming action.