‘World’s Sexiest Nurse’ Lauren Drain Exposes Baby Bump In Topless Photo On Instagram

Lauren Drain poses for a selfie on her Instagram page
Lauren Drain / Instagram

Lauren Drain, a fitness model, trainer and registered nurse, has shared new images of her baby bump in her most recent Instagram update. In the two-picture post, the blond beauty is topless as she poses alongside her husband, David Kagan. David is shirtless in each of the photos, as well, and they’re both rocking distressed blue jeans. Lauren’s denim pants have been pulled low enough to allow fans to see her black underwear.

In the first photo, Lauren is maintaining a modicum of modesty by covering her chest with one arm. In that shot, David is facing the camera and has his hands on her waist as he stands behind her. In the second image, Lauren is also standing in front of her husband, but in that one, David has his arm on her chest and is kissing her forehead.

“Keep me safe, I’ll keep you wild,” Lauren wrote in the caption, after tagging her husband. “Keep her safe, and I’ll fall in love all over again.” The “her” in that last sentence referred to their unborn child. Lauren previously revealed that they are having a girl.

At the time of writing, the post had been liked more than 45,000 times and over 1,100 people have commented on it.

In the caption, Lauren asked her 3.9 million followers which photo they preferred. Several fans said that they preferred the second image, mostly because David is being affectionate toward Lauren in that one.

“Definitely pic 2,” one person said.”Shows a happy couple together more so than the 1st pic”

But there were others who said that they liked the first one more and some who said they couldn’t choose.

“I can’t choose just one they’re both fire,” one admirer wrote.

“Obsessed with y’all,” a second commenter wrote. “Can’t wait to see you two thrive as parents!!!!”


“Omg both,” a fourth Instagram user added. “Such a cute belly.”

In a previous post, Lauren revealed that she and her husband were prepping for the birth of their daughter by stocking the nursery with baby items.

“Adulting in full effect & parenting about to get really real! I can’t wait to dress up my baby doll & give her a million kisses everyday,” she wrote in that caption. In the photo, she’s wearing a curve-hugging red mini-dress as she poses next to her husband, who is wearing a chunky gray and black sweater with ripped jeans.

That photo has garnered over 33,000 likes and more than 240 comments.