December 3, 2019
Wendy Williams Says Gabrielle Union's 'AGT' Firing Was A 'Sexism Thing', Not A 'Black Thing'

Wendy Williams has weighed in on Gabrielle Union's recent controversial firing from NBC's America's Got Talent. During the December 3 episode of The Wendy Williams Show, the talk show host showed her support for the former talent competition judge and called the situation a "sexism thing," per Hollywood Life.

Those who have followed the controversy know that NBC dropped Gabrielle, as well as fellow judge Julianne Hough, from the series last week. Reports quickly revealed that the firing came after Gabrielle expressed concerns about AGT's "toxic" work environment, including instances of alleged racism.

NBC has since released a statement explaining their commitment to a "respectful workplace culture."

Echoing sentiments recently made by radio personality Howard Stern, Wendy criticized the show's co-creator-producer and judge, Simon Cowell, for constantly cycling out women on the show, but never men. Howard called it the "ultimate example of a boys' club," per MSN.

"It's only the girls that get replaced and they do get replaced with equally as attractive women," Wendy agreed.

Some critics have pointed out the racism in the controversy, citing an example where Gabrielle was told her hairstyle was "too black" for the show. However, Wendy said that the overall issue stemmed from sexism.

"I don't think Simon is a racist because he's had relations with black women before," Wendy said. "I don't think this is a black thing, I think this is a sexism thing, girls. This is us all against them and sometimes that's how it is. It's not always a black or white thing."

In addition, Wendy showed support for Gabrielle's upcoming meeting with NBC, where she will reportedly discuss ways to improve the environment of the hit competition series.

"Well, I think this is terrific," Wendy said of the meeting.

However, Wendy discouraged Gabrielle from ever accepting her job back should NBC offer it. Instead, Wendy feels the mother of one should take a "high-paying" consultant job with the series.

While Gabrielle does want to help improve the atmosphere on the set of the NBC show, an inside source did share that she would never consider coming back for another season as a judge.

Gabrielle's attorney, Bryan Freedman, will likely attend the meeting at NBC, as well as NBC lawyers. It is not confirmed if executives from NBC or AGT producers will be present. The meeting is set to take place some time this week in Beverly Hills, but no other details are yet available.