Stassie Karanikolaou Gets Real About Her Breast Implants

Dana PleasantGetty Images

Kylie Jenner‘s best friend, Stassie Karanikolaou, just revealed new details about her breast implants on Instagram and YouTube, explaining that she switched out her larger ones for a smaller set.

In her recent YouTube video, in which she unveiled her TJ Swim x Stassie swimsuit collaboration, she began the vlog by introducing her new chest and discussing fellow Instagram model Kelsey Calemine’s as well. Stassie explained that now that they’re the same size, their relationship is ultimate #FriendshipGoals.

In the video, the model went around and introduced her entourage, revealing who was coming to their launch celebration. After divulging that Kelsey got breast implants, Stassie added that she got new implants as well.

“I got new t*ts though, too. Me and Kelsey are the same bra size now, which is really crazy that we’re the same bra size,” she said. “Kelsey got bigger t*ts and I got smaller t*ts, and somehow we met in the middle and now we’re the same size. Friendship goals… just so we can share bras and stuff.”

Stassie showed off her smaller implants in four different bikini colors from her collaboration: black, pink, yellow, and powder blue. The three styles she modeled were The Stas (named after herself), The Kyles, and The Kels.

The video contains slight NSFW language.

Stassie also flaunted her new chest on Instagram, posing poolside in a hot pink bikini.

In the first photo, Stassie sat on her knees in a gray lounge chair, sitting up to show off her toned physique and sun-kissed skin. Surrounded by lush green plants and palm fronds in the background, the model’s blond locks cascaded down her back as she wore a black baseball cap emblazoned with the word “Daddy” in white.

Her makeup was kept minimal. She wore a gold Cartier “Love” bracelet on her wrist, as well as a single black hair tie. While she was fresh-faced, her nails told another story. They were lacquered in a sheer pink with each nail painted differently: one in nothing but the pink polish, two done in a French manicure, and one with a white heart. Her pinky finger was covered by a shadow. She wore a gold ring on her middle finger.

In the second image, Stassie looked down and shielded her eyes from the sun with the “Daddy” hat, her left arm bent at an angle to put the cap on. Apart from her arm, however, she still rocked the same alluring pose.

In the caption of the Instagram post, she shared how happy she was with her new implants, even tagging the plastic surgery office where she got her procedure done.

As evidenced above, Stassie is not shy about showing off her chest (or her breast implants), often rocking cleavage-baring outfits and many bikinis on Instagram.