December 3, 2019
Draya Michele Rocks A Sheer Bodysuit With Huge Sleeves

Draya Michele shared a new Instagram photo today that showed her rocking a black bodysuit. It was made with sheer fabric, which featured black velvet accents in a Victorian-inspired design. It had a high collar and long sleeves, with the latter being extra-large and eye-catching. The sleeves were tight along her upper arm, but flared out at the elbows. All in all, the sheer fabric meant that there was plenty of sex appeal, with her cleavage left on full display. The bottom of the bodysuit had a high cut as well, which left her hips bare.

The former Basketball Wives star posed against a blank wall and posed while facing the camera straight on. She placed her right hand on her waist and looked into the distance to her right. Plus, she raised her left hand into the air as she bent her elbows, showing off her bright orange manicure. She was seen crossing her left leg in front. The sleeves of the outfit were so long that her left sleeve fell down by her hips as she posed.

Draya wore her hair slicked back into a low bun, with a couple of bangs left out to frame her face. She wore dark eyeliner and mascara, along with pink lipstick. The lips were also accentuated with a darker shade of liner. The reality TV star was seen pursing her lips slightly. She kept things simple, with no visible jewelry. The pose and her expression worked together to make for a flirty picture.

The photo was taken indoors against a white wall. The model was well-lit, with her left cheek glowing in the lighting.

Fans gushed about Draya in the comments section. Some referred to her caption.

"Me too! And I like that black!" exclaimed a follower.

"Woo. This is a very cute and different look. Love this," wrote an admirer, referring to her recent updates where she's mostly been wearing dresses.


"With an attitude...she knows she's bad," complimented a fourth Instagram user.

In addition, the bombshell shared another update recently where she flaunted her cleavage. Draya was seen in a white dress, which featured off-the-shoulder sleeves. The ensemble had thin straps, along with a curve-hugging design that accentuated her hourglass figure. She slicked her hair back with a middle part and rocked a pair of gold hoop earrings. Her makeup included a heavy cat-eye and dark liner on her lower eyelids. Plus, she added four dots to the bottom of her eyes.