Netflix Is Testing A New Feature That Allows Users To Delete Movies They Haven’t Finished Watching

However, if the function goes ahead, it may also be a way to hide those 'guilty pleasures' that most users don't want others to see.

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However, if the function goes ahead, it may also be a way to hide those 'guilty pleasures' that most users don't want others to see.

Oftentimes, Netflix subscribers accidentally click on a film or a series and it is considered by the streaming service that the user is actually planning to watch it. Or, perhaps the user has started watching something and then decide that they dislike it and no longer want to finish it. Either way, the item is now stuck in the cue. However, according to BGR, there may a quick fix in the works in order to quickly delete such content.

On Netflix, when a user has started watching a TV series or movie, it is quickly moved to the Continue Watching bar on the menu. This is a handy tool for those who can’t binge on something all in one sitting and want to know exactly where they are up to when they return. However, there are times when this option displays movies and series that subscribers will just never finish.

At the moment, there is no easy fix around removing this item quickly from the bar. Users who are determined to remove unwanted content have to access their viewing activity from the web version of Netflix. This can be not only time-consuming but annoying for those who rarely access their account from anything but their TV or tablet.

However, that may be set to change with Netflix apparently testing a new function that quickly removes items from the Continue Watching bar. According to Android Police, a function called Remove From Row has been sighted on some Android devices. If it is available, this function appears in the three-button menu available for content showing on the Continue Watching tab. Tapping on this option then allows a user to quickly delete the item from the tab, wiping it forever from the menu.

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As Stuff points out, the new function, if it becomes available to all users, may also be a way of hiding those guilty little pleasures people would prefer others not to see on their account. However, this would just apply for those titles that one may consider too cringeworthy to continue. So, if you started a Christmas movie that you would rather others not know about, this function would be perfect for deleting the evidence. The same would go for any TV series that users may secretly be binge-watching. However, for the time being, it appears that this function is still in the testing phase and Netflix subscribers will have to wait and see whether it will become a permanent feature for the streaming service.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, there are a variety of shows coming to Netflix in December, some of which subscribers may want to delete from their menu at some point in time.