Dolly Parton Pulls On Julianne Hough’s ‘Heartstrings’ While Her Jolene Character Counts The Money She Earned

Jason KempinGetty Images

Dolly Parton appeared on Julianne Hough‘s Instagram feed just as the younger star was counting her money in a still photograph from Dolly Parton’s Heartstrings. In the anthology series, Jules plays the enduring Jolene character as she delivers “a modern take on seductive reputation,” according to Netflix, the platform providing the stories taken from Dolly’s hit songs.

In the image on social media, Julianne rocked a head of brownish-red hair as she talked to Dolly. She looked at the legend while sporting a wary look as the famous blonde stared at Jules-as-Jolene with a telling look that appeared to include a bit of admonishment.

The two women were dressed in costumes evocative of their characters.

Dolly rocked a vintage, saloon-style ensemble trimmed with black lace and featuring fishnet on her arms. The neckline was low-cut and showed off ample cleavage. She wore a bit of bling, including a pretty necklace and a colorful bracelet, and she also boasted her signature big hair, which had been cut into layers that fell around her face and onto her back. Her makeup was prominent and included heavy eyeliner, dark black lashes, and a swipe of dark pink lipstick.

Julianne wore much less clothing in her role as Jolene. She showed a lot of skin, particularly in her midsection as she was wearing a crop top. She rocked long hair, parted in the middle and styled in loose curls that trailed onto the top of her bosom. As she held up what looked like a bunch of dollar bills, she showed her dark blue painted nails and a bit of bling by way of a few rings. Jules also wore a choker around her pretty neck.

Within an hour of going live, Julianne’s post showing her Jolene character relating to Dolly Parton received more than 32,000 likes and more than 220 comments. Some followers used emoji — such as fire, a brunette girl waving, and thumbs up — to describe their thoughts, while others used their words.

“My wife and I saw your episode. You did an awesome job as Jolene. You made the character very believable,” said one fan.

“Every single episode made me weep. After the 6th episode, I gave up n stopped. My heart needs a little break of crying,” quipped a second follower, who added six crying-laughing emoji to the comment.

“You are gorgeous and incredibly talented! This episode made me cry and love you as an actress/singer even more!” stated a third admirer in a comment directed to Jules, adding a red heart and Italian flag emoji.

“I just watched your episode, it was so good! I didn’t know you could play guitar,” remarked a fourth fan, who talked about one of Julianne’s many skills.