Anna Duggar Shares Meaning Behind New Baby Maryella Hope's Name

Stacy Carey

Counting On stars Anna Duggar and Josh Duggar recently welcomed their sixth child. In a new Instagram post, Anna opened up about the family's new arrival and explained how she and her husband chose their new daughter's name.

Maryella Hope Duggar joined her parents and five older siblings on November 27, just ahead of Thanksgiving. By all accounts, mama and baby have been doing well.

It likely came as no surprise that Anna and Josh chose a first name for their new baby that started with an "M." All of their other children have the same first initial, a pattern that echoes what Josh's parents did by choosing "J" names for their 19 children.

In the Instagram post that Anna shared on Sunday, she noted that many Counting On fans had been asking for the story behind Maryella's name. She explained that she and Josh started talking about ideas soon after they learned that they were expecting another girl.

Anna said that she and Josh thought they had a plan in place, but then Duggar family matriarch Mary passed away suddenly. While the Counting On stars could have chosen to use simply Mary for their new baby girl, they felt a bit hesitant. However, they did want to honor Josh's grandmother's legacy so they developed a list of names that included Mary somehow.

Nearly 50,000 of Anna's followers liked this post and more than 650 added comments as well.

"Grandma Duggar is probably smiling down from heaven! She's beautiful Anna! Congratulations," wrote one of the Duggar family's fans.

"What a beautiful name with a beautiful meaning for a beautiful little girl!" praised another follower of Anna's.

"I love it!!! What a beautiful and precious memory of Grandma Duggar, along with her own identity in Christ. So perfect! Congratulations mom and dad!" exclaimed a third supporter.

"Such a beautiful tribute to your grandma, may she live on in Maryella and may she bring, love, joy and Hope as you watch her grow through life's journey," a fourth fan shared.

Some Counting On fans may have noticed that Anna didn't reveal any of the names they originally had on their shortlist. She didn't say it specifically, but it may well be that Anna and Josh want to hold on to those in case their family expands even more at some point down the road.

It looks like choosing Maryella Hope Duggar was the perfect decision and fans are loving the meaning behind the couple's choice.