Stassie Karanikolaou Seductively Eats Sushi, Making Fans Envious

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Stassie Karanikolaou posted a three-part photo series of herself seductively eating sushi (if one can do such a thing, Stassie certainly accomplished it) on her Instagram. And, instantly, her fans seemed to have a desire for Japanese food — or at least Stassie.

In the first image, Stassie gave the camera an alluring glance as she stuck a piece of sushi into her mouth, holding it with chopsticks. She wore a low-cut, tight black tank top that flaunted her cleavage. Her blond hair cascaded down her shoulders, stopping right at her chest.

Her makeup gave her a natural glow, with her eyes — and eye makeup — as the standout. She donned a black cat-eye look as she stared directly at the camera. Her brown eyebrows were perfectly arched. Her cheeks were brushed with a pink blush and her lips painted a gorgeously dark dusty rose.

She sported a gold Cartier “Love” bracelet on her wrist, which retails for at least $4,050. The bracelet dangled delicately, partially covering the black tattoo on her arm.

Her elbows were on the table as she positioned her arms up, giving fans a slight glimpse at her acrylic, baby-pink lacquered nails — and her slightly tanned, toned arms.

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The other photos in the series showed Stassie having a good time posing for the desirable sushi pictures. In the second image, she is holding the sushi up with chopsticks, blocking her right eye. In the third photo, she’s giving a big grin as she touches the sushi to her lips, about to put it in her mouth.

Of course, her 6.4 million followers had a lot to say, clearly craving both sushi and Stassie.

“Imagine looking this hot eating sushi,” one follower wrote.

“Bruh I was craving sushi toooo,” said another user, adding multiple drooling emoji after their initial comment.

“Can’t decide if I love you or sushi more,” wrote a fan.

“Slay with that Sushi,” commented another.

At the time of writing, Stassie’s sushi Instagram photos had more than 204,000 likes — including a like from best friend Kylie Jenner — and more than 1,000 comments.

The other comments were filled with heart-eye emoji, along with flame and drooling emoji as well.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Stassie is a fan of looking seductive on her Instagram account. In fact, she often shares photos of herself in alluring poses, whether it’s on a bed in lingerie or putting her booty on display in a thong bikini.