Wendy Williams Reportedly Excited To Be Single For The Holidays, Here’s Why

Robin MarchantGetty Images

Wendy Williams is reportedly looking forward to her first holiday season as a single woman in 25 years, according to Hollywood Life. A source told the publication that the talk show host is excited to spend the holidays at her own pace after she split from her ex-husband, Kevin Hunter Sr., back in April.

The source revealed that Wendy will take the holiday season “day by day,” but she is ultimately ready for this phase of her life.

“It is going to be a little weird because it’s her new normal but she also is looking forward to how refreshing it will be this time around because she can do things on her own time frame and her own accord,” the source said. “She is looking forward to going into the end of the year and new decade as a new woman.”

The source continued on to reveal that Wendy is “in a much better place” since the split and the holidays will “help her grow from fallout from her divorce.”

As fans know, Wendy’s split from Kevin Sr. went public earlier this year after the former Wendy Williams Show executive producer allegedly fathered a child with another woman. Wendy moved out of their shared home in New Jersey and has since been living a happily single life in New York City.

Wendy already handled her first single Thanksgiving very well, the source claimed. She spent the holiday with her and Kevin Sr.’s son, Kevin Hunter Jr., and their extended family in Miami.

“Wendy has such a fantastic support system around her and she’s really doing amazing.”

The radio personality shared several photos on Instagram to commemorate the holiday with her family. Before she left New York City for Thanksgiving, Wendy shared a photo of herself standing by a black car and wrote in the caption that she wanted to “make the most” of the trip.

She also shared photos of the massive Thanksgiving gathering she attended at her family’s Miami home; lunch with her niece, Miami news anchor Alex Finnie; and a late night bar outing with Alex. Hollywood Life reported that Wendy and Alex were spotted at Miami nightclub LIV, where they partied until 2 a.m. on Friday night.

At the end of her trip, Wendy reflected on the holiday with yet another Instagram post, per The Inquisitr. She shared a photo of herself looking out the window of her plane, preparing to take off.

“But with dead weight gone & new life VERY clear I’ve discovered the BEST me ever,” she wrote in the caption.