Instagram Model Lisa-Marie Schiffner Shares Gorgeous Starlit Photo, Asks ‘If Not Now, When Then?’

Lisa-Marie Schiffner attends the Marina Hoermanseder Defile
Andreas Rentz / Getty Images

Popular Instagram model Lisa-Marie Schiffner recently shared a stunning photo on her social media page. The gorgeous 18-year-old native of Austria posted a breathtaking snapshot taken in Iceland, and her fans went wild over this one.

Lisa-Marie shared the photo via Instagram on Sunday and it immediately generated a big response. The Austrian model noted that it was taken in the waters of Blue Lagoon, a geothermal spa in Iceland that provides a gorgeous backdrop.

Not only was Lisa-Marie embracing the waters of Blue Lagoon, but she also noted that this happened to be when the northern lights were brightening the dark sky. The shot had a rather ethereal feel to it, and it seems that this setting gave Lisa-Marie a chance to cross a couple of things off of her “bucket list.”

The model was seemingly topless as she relaxed in the Blue Lagoon. The picture showed her with the waters nearly up to her bare shoulders, and she was gazing off into the distance with a slight smile on her face.

Lisa-Marie had her long hair gathered up in a loose bun high on her head, with a few wispy tendrils framing her face. The positioning of the Austrian bombshell in the water gave off a seductive vibe without being particularly revealing.

Most of Lisa-Marie’s caption was written in German with just a few words added in English. The gist of the caption was that the model was able to put two fabulous events together by seeing the northern lights while at the Blue Lagoon. In combining those two amazing nature-related experiences, she said this was now something she could delete from her bucket list.

Fans of the gorgeous 18-year-old model were in love with this look. Nearly 180,000 of Lisa-Marie’s 1.2 million followers have liked the post already, and almost 900 have also posted comments.

Many of the comments left for Lisa-Marie were seemingly in German. The Austrian stunner, who is followed by fellow Instagram bombshells like Amanda Cerny, received a lot of love among these hundreds of replies.


“Omg wow wow wow,” exclaimed one fan who added several happy face emoji to the end of her comment.

“MAGICAL,” noted another impressed follower.

“So beautiful,” wrote someone else.

Lisa-Marie’s Instagram page is filled with stunning photographs much like this one. She has a knack for combining her beauty with breathtaking outdoor settings, and her fans go wild for nearly everything she posts. This one might be hard to top, but everybody will be anxious to see what she comes up with next.