Bee Swarm Kills Dog In North Hollywood [Video]

Bee Swarm North Hollywood

A bee swarm is responsible for killing a dog in North Hollywood over the weekend.

The bees appeared after a resident in the neighborhood had a tree trimmed on Saturday. Angered over the disruption of their hive, the insects launched an attack on anything in sight.

The bee swarm reportedly attacked a five-year-old pit bull owned by one of the neighbors. The insects were disturbed after trimmers removed a branch containing the hive.

Since North Hollywood residents couldn’t contain the bee swarm on their own, the Los Angeles fire department was called to the scene. Firefighters used a combination of foam and water to kill the bees.

The wounded dog was rushed to a nearby veterinary clinic for treatment. The pit bull later died as a result of its injuries. The owners have yet to comment on the bee swarm that killed their dog.

“We’ve all got kids and dogs. Luckily, they didn’t hurt any kids, but it’s terrible they hurt a dog,” one neighbor said of the attack.

The rest of the tree that contained the bees’ hive was removed on Sunday.

Sadly, this isn’t the first time a dog has been killed by a swarm of bees in California. An Australian Shepherd was reportedly attacked and killed by a bee swarm in Modesto earlier this month. A similar attack on a boarding center last year claimed the lives of 16 canines.

Bee Swarm Kills Dog

Beekeepers have stated that the swarming season may start early this year. This could explain why so many swarms have been spotted in recent days.

A family in Arlington, Texas were shocked to find thousands of honey bees swarming their mailbox over the weekend. Homeowner Hank Aguilar said the bees managed to take over the mailbox in the span of roughly three hours.

“They want to find a home. They want to find a home in a barbecue grill, a mailbox, a wall of a house,” said beekeeper Christine Garcia.

Since a bee swarm is responsible for killing a dog in North Hollywood on Saturday, area residents are instructed to keep a close eye on pets and children during this season.

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