Kaley Cuoco’s Husband Posts Adorable Jet Lag Photos Of Her In A Cute Nightshirt

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Kaley Cuoco is sleeping off some serious jet lag. The former The Big Bang Theory star — who just celebrated her 34th birthday while overseas filming her new series, The Flight Attendant, in Bangkok — was caught in bed by her husband Karl Cook as she succumbed to the “two stages of jet lag” after her long flight home.

In two Instagram posts, Cook shared photos of a sleeping Kaley rolling all over the bed. In the first pic, the actress is seen laying on her side close to the edge of a white blanketed bed. Various water bottles and beverage glasses were strewn about the room and her socks were tossed on the floor by her phone charger.

In the second photo, Kaley’s adorable oversized Christian Dior penguin nightshirt can be seen as she laid with her back to the camera. The star was in serious sleep mode with her phone by her side and a bottle of Essentia water leaning on a pillow nearby. In both photos, Kaley’s hair was pulled up into a messy bun as she got some shut-eye.

In the comments section to Cook’s photos, several followers noted that his famous wife is probably going to “kill” him for posting the sleepy pics.

“You do love putting your life in jeopardy, don’t you Karl,” one follower wrote.

Others looked at the bright side.

“Well at least she’s not drooling,” one fan noted of Kaley.

“At least she is staying hydrated!” another added.

Other fans zeroed in on Kaley’s signature sleepwear, with one fan calling her a “nightshirt model.”

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Kaley addressed her jet lag issues — and her nightshirt obsession — on her Instagram story as well. The Flight Attendant star posted a series of colorful nightshirts as she revealed what she was up to while trying to fall asleep.

“Late night jet lag means epic nightshirt shopping on Amazon,” the actress wrote.

Kaley shared photos of nightshirts that said “Bearly Sleeping,” noting that “This one is soooo appropriate right now,” as well as several other animal-themed pajama tops, such as one that says “Pawsitively Tired” that reflected her current state of mind. The CBS star finally revealed that she ultimately ordered an oversized dog-themed nightshirt, despite the fact that it’s not her usual style.

The shirt says “Let Sleeping Dogs Lie,” which could also serve as a subtle message for her prankster husband, warning him to keep his camera away from her while she’s resting.