December 2, 2019
Sveta Bilyalova Flaunts Cleavage Under Sheer Sexy Outfit On Instagram

Sveta Bilyalova shared a new Instagram update with her fans a few days ago rocking a sheer and sexy outfit. The model was seen posing as she leaned forward slightly. The top that she wore had a high neckline, but it was hardly conservative, with the fabric ensuring that her cleavage was left on display. It almost looked like the shirt was entirely see-through, and the photo was only censored thanks to the way she positioned her arms. The shirt also featured extra-long sleeves that reached her knuckles.

Moreover, the model wore a pair of small, black leather shorts with a silver buckle in front. Sveta completed her look with a matching leather jacket and thigh-high boots. The jacket featured one of the more eye-catching parts of her outfit, as it had rows of small silver studs on the shoulders.

Meanwhile, Sveta placed her hands on either side of her dark, oversized sunglasses. They had an angular design with small silver specks on the edges. The model opened her mouth flirtatiously and wore her hair back in a casual ponytail. The longest parts of her hair fell down in front of her right shoulder, helping to cover her chest. She also opted to go without a necklace, but wore gold hoop earrings. Plus, her white manicure peeked through. Thanks to the sunglasses it was hard to see her face. However, Sveta sported light pink lipstick, and her skin looked glowing in the shot.

The photo's backdrop was also notable, as she revealed in the geotag that she was in Berlin, Germany. The bombshell posed in front of a large archway, which was reachable by a flight of low stairs. Fans had lots to say about the photo, with many people focusing on the geotag.

"Nice to have you here, enjoy Berlin," wrote a follower.

"I was there over three months ago and wish you a nice weekend, dear Sveta," said a fan.

"You know you lookin Cute Everywhere!" gushed an admirer.

"Stunningly beautiful!! Love the leather," noted a fourth Instagram user.

Previously, the model was spotted showing off her chest again in a sheer number. This time, Sveta opted for a sheer bralette. She posed outdoors while rocking the lingerie piece and a pair of light, denim shorts. She sat on the edge of a silver railing, with an expansive backdrop filled with colorful trees. The bralette had a low v-cut, which allowed the stunner to show off her cleavage. She also held a cigarette in her right hand.