Paris Hilton Flaunts Toned Bod In Sparkling Outfit On Instagram

Paris Hilton wears a white dress.
Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images

Paris Hilton shared a new Instagram photo yesterday, and it was all about the sparkle. The image was heavily edited with a video filter and showed the stunner in a rocker chic outfit. She sported a bandeau-style bra, which appeared to be an enlarged photo of a diamond. She wore this underneath a black studded jacket. Her shirtless look meant that her toned midriff was on full display. The studs dotted the sleeves and lapel, with large jewels clipped to the sides. Plus, the pants were black with sparkly detailing. The waistline hid her belly button, and the pants featured glittering pockets and side accents.

The DJ wore her hair down in a shaggy hairstyle, with medium-length bangs being brushed over her left eye. This meant that half of her face was obscured, as she gave a coy look while pursing her lips slightly. Her eyes popped thanks to her eyeliner and dark mascara. Whatever lipstick she wore appeared to be a light shade. She also had a trail of glitter that extended from her neck down to her cleavage. The blonde posed while slightly curving her body to the right, and placed her hands on her thighs.

Behind Paris’ head was a silver circle that was reminiscent of a disco ball. Plus, the video filter made it appear as though everything was sparkling, including bits of light that fell down the frame. There were also rainbow-colored specks that flickered brightly. These popped in the photo, since it was the only source of bright color. In fact, the original photo of Paris was in black-and-white. The backdrop was a dark gray gradient.

Fans shared a ton of compliments for Paris in the comments section.

“My baby u leave sparkles everywhere u go,” gushed a follower.

“Absolutely beautiful as always ms Paris Hilton there is no stopping your beautiful sparkles,” raved an admirer.


“You surely leave it where you always go! I’ll try!” exclaimed a fan.

“Amen to that queen Paris Hilton,” wrote a fourth Instagram user.

In addition, the bombshell shared another Instagram update where she rocked a different outfit that was also all about the sparkle. This time, it was a yellow dress, which hugged her curves. It was also floor-length, with her small waist and hips being accentuated. Paris made sure to move around as the clip was being shot, which made her outfit glitter more. She played with her hair, and gave sultry looks with a hint of a smile.